The "promotion" stage is over

I am super nervous right now. I have what I feel like is my first "big girl" assignment at work today. Remember back in August I told you guys I got promoted? If you are new here, check that out *here* and then check out my take on the "internal interview". Anyways since I haven't really given an update on how the new job is going, I figured I could give and update and tell you why I'm so darn nervous!

I officially took over my new position on August 21st. It has been a whirlwind of emotions and struggles. The position I was promoted to is a newly created position. I also mentioned somewhere along the way that my new counterpart was my supervisor. She is now my equal. If that isn't awkward, I don't know what is.

So I got an office, and a new desk (Like literally brand new guys! I got to order it and watch it be built...) and last but certainly not least I got a window. Office with a view. Yep.. Moving on up! So now that I'm all moved into my fancy new office and fancy new title, I started to wonder, what exactly was I supposed to be doing? Because the position is brand new, no one knew what I should actually be doing. Of course they all had ideas, dreams, wishes, and all that jazz, but no real structure.

I came from a pretty demanding position (Read my funny take on "What's my job again?") so sitting around twiddling my thumbs was not my idea of work. I spent a good portion of my time on Facebook because I honestly had nothing to do. I would get assignments that were meant to last a day, but seriously? Adding someone's name to a copy list for email was not my idea of an "all day project." That took me 2 seconds. Literally. I came home and questioned my choice of taking the new position.

So fast forward to today. My job has definitely picked up. I am constantly running and working for lots of different people. My priorities change daily, and I am still working on a schedule that works for me. I think I am doing a great job and have gotten numerous emails from my coworkers telling me the same. It feels good to know I am making a difference somewhere. People appreciate the work I am putting in. Things with the boss turned equal are going well too. We get along better then I had anticipated and we work together nicely to get stuff done.

All in all I am happy with there my position is headed.  It was really looking like a lost cause in the beginning but I am glad it has made a turn for the better. Now back to today. Yesterday the CEO of my company came into my office and gave me and my counterpart we were going on a walk through with him and a select few others. Our bosses didn't even know we were going to attend this walk through. I had to make sure I looked my best today so I can make a good impression. So here goes nothing!

Wish me luck and I'll fill you all in later on how it goes!

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Wellness Wednesday: Public Service Announcement

This week I have really picked up the pace when making sure to get to the gym and eat better. On Monday I told you all that I had a REALLY bad week last week when it came to food. I managed to get myself to the gym 4 days last week which was great, however due to my carelessness to only eating bad stuff, I am paying now. The sugar alone has reaped havoc on my face. I have red blotches and under the skin breakouts that hurt a lot. I felt very sluggish and unmotivated on top of that. Not so much fun.

I am treating this as a public service announcement to all of you. Think next time you want to fall off the wagon with your fitness, remember this story. Now everyone is different on how they react to certain things, but I do remember a dietician telling me once that EVERYONE has a sugar intolerance to a point. It is not good for our systems in large quantities.

So here I am with all my new gained "Spots" thanks to the sugar high I was on last week. I am already starting to feel better with removing all of the bad food from my system. I learned a valuable lesson. Even if you are having a bad week, eating unhealthy will not make it better.

Thanks for listening and have a great Wednesday!

Monday Inspiration

Do you ever have one of those weeks where nothings going right, and everything's a mess, and nobody like's to be alone. Woops quick Avril Lavigne break there. But seriously sometimes those weeks happen and there is really nothing we can do to make them better other than staying positive. For me, last week in my personal life was a complete hot mess. Blog wise I had an awesome week. I banged out some pretty great posts that I was really proud of. How does that seem to happen? Has that ever happened to you?

Because last week went so crappy I need to eliminate my negativity this week or else I will be back on the oreo and cheesecake diet. No kidding guys I had cheesecake and oreos everyday for breakfast and dinner last week. I was REALLY going for comfort food there. Because of it I feel absolutely horrible about my fitness and really need to step it up this week.

Here is some Monday Motivation to get us going for the week!


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Field Trip! ~ Work Addition

More recently my company has been working on company morale and how to make us all feel appreciated. We have an activities committee in which I was appointed to. One of my fellow co-committee peeps suggested learning more about the company and pairing it with a wine tour. I can sign off on ANYTHING that has the word wine in it. So last weekend me and 23 of my coworkers and family members boarded a limo bus (heck yeah!) and headed off to a museum in which has a lot to do with the company I work for today. A work field trip if you may. So here ya have it.. Pictures from my adult work field trip (that included WINE)...

 Look! I fit in the small model where kids get to pose!

 Random Halloween miniature model home

 This baby went 130+ mph in sand.. Scary!

 This is the most cryptic exercise machine ever! It's called the "Health Jolting Chair". It helps you build strength and jolt internal organs back into place by using "rhythmic jolting techniques". I'm good, thanks though!

 I told you there was wine..

 Oh wait more WINE!

 Such beautiful scenery on this beautiful fall day!

Well there ya have it. My work field trip! We had a blast and I would certainly do it again if offered. What about you? Have you ever been on a work field trip?

Happy Friday!