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After 2 years of blogging I have learned..

After 2 years of blogging I have learned.. (Also a giveaway at the end)

Always respond to your comments. Your readers took time out of their day to visit your page, read your post, and share their thoughts. Over the past 6 months I have severely lacked in this department and it really makes me feel badly. I let down my readers by putting them off for a week rather than getting back to them within a day. Don’t make the same mistakes. Readers don’t forget.

Visit fellow bloggers pages. This is a common courtesy. It helps the community and yourself by being supportive. Sometimes we all get caught up and reading and not commenting. This isn’t a bad thing per say, but dropping a comment regularly is a nice way to show your support for their blogs.

Always let your readers know when you are taking a break. If you just drop off the radar for a few weeks, it often leaves your readers hanging and in time if they don’t hear from you they stop coming back. Everyone deserves a break, but announcing it is always going to work out better than just going M.I.A.

Do take risks. But when you do take risks, make them risks you believe in. Don’t get caught up in what everyone else around you is doing. What works for one person may not work for you. If you are passionate about something, then take that risk.
Don’t be afraid to fail.

Not every idea is going to work. Not every post will go viral. Heck most posts won’t even come close to going viral.I have had so many ideas that have tanked, but you know what? No one criticized me. No one laughed and said “I told you so”. Life went on.

I’m still here.

Build community. Having support in blogging is just like having support with your job. There are people out there in the same boat as you with the same questions. Find each other and help each other out. Be cheerleaders to keep each other going. I have found friendships that extend past blogging through blogging. It’s an amazing thing.

I have been blogging now for 2 years and I still don’t know everything. I will continue to learn and find out new things every day just like someone who just started blogging. No one knows it all. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like they do know it all. Even that blogger making six figures doesn’t know it all. They just know what works best for them.

Find what works best for you and you will be golden. This is my advice to you as a 2 year old blogger. It has taken me these short 2 years to learn what works for me and it will still be a work in progress.

Now for the fun part on a Monday.. I think it's about time for a giveaway! Once this post reaches 10 comments I will pick a random winner for a $10 gift card of your choice!

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Sunday Snaps: Flash Giveaway!

Yay! We made it back to Daylight Savings Time! Did everyone survive losing that 1 hour of sleep last night? I promise, even though it is rough today, it is worth it to come home from work and still have a few hours of light everyday. Anywho, today I wanted to give you a quick weekly update.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life currently. We all have those dreams. Some are more long term and some pop up at specific times in your life. For me the signs keep pointing to yes lately with one of my dreams.

On Tuesday I got my tax refund money so I decided to write a list of useful things to spend your return on. You might be surprised of things out there that you can spend your money on that won't feel like an impulse buy. I even surprised myself a little.

I have been keeping with my goal of working out 6 days a week. I went to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I went to my yoga class on Thursday. Saturday I walked 5 miles at the outdoor outlets, and today I am headed out for a hike. It makes me feel so much better about myself when I keep active.

On Thursday in my yoga class I had a revelation. We were learning about the Humble Warrior and how it reminds us about humility. I have been having a tough time with my feelings lately. This pose reminded me that I need to take a step back in tough situations in order to protect myself and clear my head. The class was amazing. I felt so full of life and energetic.

On Saturday R and I met with our wedding coordinator and chef at our venue. We set our menu and went over some logistics. And of course there was some wine. Okay maybe a lot of wine. Perks of getting married at a winery. I feel really good about all of our decisions. Our wedding is going to be a great time for all who attend.

We headed from the winery to the outlets where I really enjoy shopping end of season sales at amazing discounts. I left with 4 new sweaters and a pair of sneakers for under $60. Can't beat that at all.

Now let me get back to my list of things to spend your refund on. I sent out a tweet on Friday about a possible giveaway coming.. this is going to be a flash giveaway of sorts.. I ended up fulfilling one of these ideas on Wednesday. I purchased something for me...

Flash Giveaway Rules

I listed 10 useful items to spend your tax refund on on Wednesday. To enter the flash giveaway you need to tell me in the comments which item you believe I bought for myself. I also would love to know which of those items you would use your tax money on as well. Winner must have shared what they would choose to spend their refund on as well.

I will enter all correct guesses into a drawing. I will pick one person at random. 

I will pick a winner for this giveaway on Tuesday evening and post the winner on Wednesday's blog post. Because this is a flash giveaway that is being entered in the comments you must be "present" to win. This means I will only post the winners name in the blog post. I will not be sending out an e-mail.  You must e-mail me within 48 hours of me announcing the winner. 

The winner will get a $20 gift card of your choice!

Good luck to all that enter!

Happy Sunday!

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Thursday's are for Giveaways!

Happy Thursday! Today I am teaming up with some amazing bloggers to bring you an AH-MAZ-ING giveaway! I mean it's just so good! Get moving so you can get in on the winnings. You gotta be in it to win it right?
  Grow Your Blog Social Media Giveaway

Social media is an integral part of any blog's growth. Without social media, it is very unlikely that you will grow at all, because who will even know about your blog? My friends and I have decided to help you out with your social media success. We are going to provide you with the tools that you need to succeed on every social media platform! That's why we've come together to offer you some great prizes.
  Grow Your Blog Social Media Giveaway Hostesses
First, an Apple iPad Mini 4 (in GOLD, of course), so that you can work and post on social media from anywhere you are. While sitting on your couch watching TV, while waiting in line at the post office, even while sitting by the pool! Having it all in one handy place will help you manage everything. Second, access to Helene in Between's Instagram for Success e-course! For those of you unfamiliar with Helene, suffice it to say that she is the social media master you've always wanted to learn from. And now is your chance! Thirdly (and lastly), a one-year subscription to Board Booster, which is basically the best tool ever for growing your Pinterest account.

Can you imagine the butt-kicking you'll do on social media with these prizes? So enter now and good luck!

Giveaway details:
  1. Although we're saving you time by not requiring you to give us your username at each entry, your entries will be verified before you can qualify to win! So be sure to give us your info in the "free entry".
  2. Board Booster subscription will come in the form of $60 cash, which will pay for 500 pin level for one year.
  3. Open to all entrants, including international. International winner will be given cash instead of iPad due to shipping.
  4. Total value of prize approximately $600.
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Exciting Announcement! + Giveaway!

I bet you're wondering why I am posting on a Thursday. I try to keep a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule but I really, really couldn't wait any longer to tell you all my exciting news!

Yes, yes I know the temptation is killing you. Well after a year and a half of blogging I have decided to start my very first newsletter! Because I am super excited about this and am really hoping you will join it so my fiance is not my only subscriber, I am also hosting my very first giveaway!

Before I get into the giveaway deets I want to give you a quick idea of what to expect when you subscribe to my newsletter. First and foremost you can expect some sassy tips about life. I love to give little quirky tips on how to make life easier. You will also have access to some sneak peak info on upcoming Blog Staycations. My favorite topic will also make an appearance, and of course that is some nifty thrifty tips.

The newsletter will only grace your mailboxes once a week and I will only send more if there is something SUPER important or exciting that I can't wait to share. This is my first time doing something like this, so please cut me some slack but also send me feedback! I love to improve things if they aren't what you all like to see.

So what do you think? Will you join me

 Now on to the giveaway...

I am so excited to be offering my first ever giveaway on the blog! I have some great ladies joining me today to give away a waterproof iPod Shuffle! Here on The Trish List I believe in living a healthier lifestyle. This iPod will be a great addition to your favorite exercises. This also includes swimming! How cool is that?! Enter below and visit these lovely ladies and show them some love!

This is the stock photo. You will get the Ipod Shuffle, the case and the interchangeable earbuds. Pretty sweet deal!

                     Trish                                                                                                   Anne

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Thank you for all of your support and good luck! 

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Happy December!

Oh my word.. It's December 1st folks! I am so excited to finally make it to December. Not because it's the holidays, but because this is the month of my birthday! I graced the world with my presence on December 31st as a New Years Eve baby! Now don't go asking my mom why she didn't hold out to bring in the first baby of the new year. It will probably result in bodily harm since A. She gets asked that ALL the time and B. She was already in labor with me 26 HOURS when I decided to come out at 2:39 IN THE AFTERNOON. There was NO WAY she was ever going to hold off another 9 1/2 hours to deliver me.

So now that you have heard the story of why I am not a new years baby, I wanted to announce that this month I will host my first ever giveaway on this site. I will go into more detail of that as we get into the month. I want to host something that ends on the 31st, when it will be considered a party! If you have any interest in helping me host my birthday party, e-mail me! I am still kicking around some ideas, but I want to make it a fun and exciting giveaway/celebration.

Now that I got the exciting part posted, I need to talk about the fact that I completely neglected promoting my blog last week. With Thanksgiving and all the crazy that came with it, I completely let me blog down. I wrote some pretty great posts, and yet not many people saw them. So I want to give them all the love they all deserve and promote the heck out of them this week!

First up: Who doesn't love a good gift card? Not only do they make good gifts, there are so many other useful things you can do with them. Check them out here---> The Magic of Giftcards

Next up: Check your body image at the door this holiday season. Reasons why you can still indulge on the holiday and not completely ruin your hard work: Body Image (A little rant)
Last, but certainly not least: Do you consider yourself an Influenster? Blogging comes with some big shoes to fill, so why not influence in positive ways: Find out why I am an Influesnter and how you can be too!

So there you have it folks. December is going to be an awesome month, and I'm starting you off with some pretty awesome posts. I hope you have a great week!

Giveaway Numero Dos!

Hey guys! Back again to tell you about ANOTHER great giveaway I am participating in this week. Yesterday I posted {{ Cashing All The Way }}, a giveaway where you can win $195 buckaroos! Today you can enter to win some pretty fab Kate Spade goodies!

Also don't forget I am hosting a Holiday Tea Swap! If you love tea and want to try something new, sign up! Sign ups are until November 30th. You will get your swap buddy on December 1st. Lots of fun!


Sign Up For The Holiday Tea Swap!

KSIt's snowing in the midwest. And maybe Texas too! As we brace for the Bomb Cyclone (this year's Polar Vortex), some of my blogging buddies came together to cozy you up with a Kate Spade Cozy Giveaway. It includes the cutest KS earrings that you've seen on all the blogger's wish lists (maybe even your own), some Kate Spade socks with some fab polka dots, and a $10 Starbucks gift card to warm you up as you cuddle up wherever you are. IMG_9184
Anne | Betsy | Bex
Liz | Trish | Linda
Faith | Nina | Emelia
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Swap Time! + Holiday Giveaway!

Hello there lovelies! Its Monday, Thanksgiving is next week and I'm finally starting to feel the holiday bug. It's been cold out, and we even saw our first snowfall up here in the north. One of the things that really gets me prepared for all the cold days is a nice cup of tea. I am kind of a sucker for holiday teas.All of the aromas of spices just makes me warm to the core. Thinking about all of the options out there I thought, there has got to be some I never tried because they don't carry them in my area. And like that the Holiday Tea Swap was born! This will be a fun way to swap and try new teas as well as make a new friend. Send a cute holiday card along with some of your favorite teas and viola! All of your tea wishes are met!

Here are the deets:


~ Sign ups start today and will run through November 30th. I will randomly draw a name for everyone (You may not get the same person you are sending to) and notify you on December 1st.

~ Please send a minimum of 3 teas to your swap buddy. This is meant to be a swap to experiment with new teas so I am not asking you to send boxes of tea. Just send a few new teas for your buddy to try out.

~Because you are not sending out boxes of teas this should be easy to get shipped out. Please have your teas send out no later than December 10th.

~I will add a link up for everyone to link up a blog post about their swap so we can all see what everyone got to sample! This linkup will go live on Monday December 22nd.

~You do not need to be a blogger to participate and this is open internationally!

I really hope you will participate! This is going to be so much fun!




I am also apart of a wonderful giveaway this week! What better way to get in the mood for the holidays then to win some CASH?! Here's your chance. Enter below. I will also be posting ANOTHER giveaway I am apart of tomorrow because silly me didn't realize both of these giveaways would be happening the same week! Lots of fun ahead! See you tomorrow!

Ruffles and Rain Boots Motherhood and Beyond Our Poole House Leapfrog and Lipgloss Jordans Onion The Deliberate Mom French Robin Designs Girl on the Move The Trish List Coffee With Jamie JENerally Informed Image Map  Don't forget to visit the beautiful ladies who brought you this giveaway!

Jen of JENerally Informed ♥ | Jennifer The Deliberate Mom ♥ | Celeste of Leapfrog and Lipgloss ♥ | Julie of Girl On The Move ♥ | Lauren of Motherhood and Beyond ♥ | Sarah of Ruffles and Rain Boots ♥ | Tammi of French Robin Designs ♥ | Jordan of Jordan's Onion ♥ | Trish of The Trish List ♥ | Jamie of Coffee With Jamie ♥ | Holly of Our Poole House
  Ruffles and Rain Boots Motherhood and Beyond Our Poole House Leapfrog and Lipgloss Jordans Onion The Deliberate Mom French Robin Designs Girl on the Move The Trish List Coffee With Jamie JENerally Informed Image Map
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Happy Saturday evening everyone! I wanted to let you all in on a little giveaway I am participating in.. I am gearing up with Trish over at Beyond The Khaki Pants and some other great ladies to bring you all a $50 Amazon giftcard! Good Luck!

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Fit-Trish: Healthy Recipe + Giveaway!

Welcome back to another week of Fit-Trish. A series where I talk about fitness and getting healthy on a budget! Check out the new series page where you can find this whole series in one place along with any other series I may do in the future!

This week I wanted to share with you a quick recipe. This is a healthy, inexpensive recipe that you can make in a hurry. I have had this for both lunch and dinner and either way has been delish!

1 Whole Wheat Pita
Hummus of your choice
Deli meat
Olive Oil

Cut your pita in half and spread some hummus (I chose roasted garlic)  in both pockets as your base condiment.
Layer your deli meat in next (I chose oven roasted turkey breast).
Stack in salad greens and cut up tomatoes. (Add more veggies to your taste)
 Now your pita should be full with all the goodness.

If this is for lunch I just leave the pita as is. A nice quick lunch option with healthy ingredients. If I am having this for dinner I toast the pita with all of the ingredients in it. I add a little bit of olive oil to a saute pan and leave the pitas in until they are light brown and crispy on each side. Only about a minute on each side. Now you have a quick dinner with some warmth.

This whole preparation with toasting the pitas should only take 5 minutes tops. Below is a finished dinner version of this recipe. Lightly toasted with major taste factor!


Its Friday and I am participating in a Giveaway! Take a  look and get your self entered!

Brought to you by Ellovi

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Happy Friday and ENJOY!