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One Day Can Change the World - September 11th- 17 Years Later

Today I feel like that same college freshman standing in front of my TV in shock. Confused is an understatement. What in the world just happened? What now?

17 years ago on a Tuesday life changed forever. We all woke up same as always. I thought about how much I disliked my history class. Seems ironic now. We all went to bed a different person.

 A war of hatred was brought to life here on US soil. In 17 years I've seen things change so drastically it makes me wonder how it could get any worse. And then it does.

September 11th, 2001 was like something you would see in a movie. Not real life. Not in your own backyard. This is an event that our children learn about in their history classes today.

Children who weren't here to experience it, yet have a large crowd of people at their finger tips who were here that day. Their parents. Their siblings. Their grandparents. Their aunts and uncles. Their teachers.

We can all give them our version of this horrific day.  They are all unique to it's storyteller but the feeling is always the same. Shock.

So today, as I write every year on this day is a reminder. One decision can change the world. In this case, it was a bad decision. One that had major consequences. But it was a decision a group of people thought up and made happen.

It is a reminder that our actions have consequences and outcomes. Some of these things we can never take back once they are done. Some of these things can change everything you ever thought you knew about life.

Make the right choice. Do the right thing. Love one another even if you don't have the same beliefs. See a different perspective. If possible agree to disagree. But don't fight with someone just because they are different. And don't fight with yourself just because you don't think the same as the next person.

Just be kind.

One day you may be in their shoes. You may have thought you'd never be doing what you are, but things changed. That's what happened to me yesterday.

Things changed.

Today I woke up in a new chapter of my life. I made a life changing choice yesterday and today at age 35 I woke up a bit in shock and a little confused just like that 18 year old girl did 17 years ago.The same question stands,

What now?

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What's New With You - September Edition

I needed something a little lighter today,  so why not link up with Kristen over at See You in a Porridge for What's New With You? It's been a while since I have done one of these updates.

First off.. Welcome September! The start of the most magical time of the year in my opinion. I love fall. I surrender to it's beauty and crisp air. We had are never getting out of this hot and humid summer, so I am praying the fall weather comes soon!

Now to be a little contradicting to my last statement, I am already dreaming of a vacation for next summer when Baby Bloob is older and I can feel more at ease about traveling a longer distance. (He currently doesn't do well in the car). I keep scrolling through Facebook looking at all of the photos my friends have posted of their annual summer trips with their kids, wondering if this will be me soon.

September is the month of my wedding anniversary. I will be celebrating 2 years on the 24th. I am working on trying to find a quick overnight getaway for me and the hubs, but not sure if that will come together as easily as I'd like.

I am working on a couple of projects here on the blog. One which is my 3 month Get Movin' challenge. This kicks off on the 10th! There is still time to sign up if you were thinking about joining us!

I have mostly given up breastfeeding. This is a topic that still toys with my emotions, but I had to take care of me. Little Bloob is still getting breast milk every day, just not as every meal. The important part is he is happy and fed and I am happier with this arrangement. It was about balance for me and this is what felt right.

I have a couple of life changes coming up and I am gearing up for them. They are all positive, but as in all change, it makes me nervous. I will talk more about this soon.

So that's what's new with me. What's new with you?

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Inspirational Quotes that Keep Me Going

Some days when things seem a little impossible I turn to some of my favorite quotes to remind me that things are okay. I have a pretty large file of quotes for different occasions that I pull out each month to remind myself that life is good and that I've got this when things go a little south.

I told you all on Friday about my computer being fried from an electrical storm. I still have no word on whether anything will be salvageable, but they have been in contact and it's been one of those weird situations where they aren't 100% sure on what happened. I could let that get me down, but instead I set up my inspirational quotes for the coming weeks.

I thought I'd share one that stood out to me this week in case anyone else needed that little push to keep them going.

This quote sits with me for many reasons this week, but what really grabbed me was the part about doing the impossible. With a computer not fully functioning I am still able to do things like post on this blog. It's not impossible. You just need to work with what you've got and keep moving!

What's your favorite quote to keep you moving?

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Fridays and Fried Computers

Hey! Happy Friday!

Just wanted to drop by to give a quick update..

We had some severe storms roll through the area here over the past couple of days and unfortunately my computer was a casualty to this. One of the electrical surges killed my hard drive. Sad face. I am currently crossing all my fingers and toes hoping the nice gentlemen who are working on it can at least retrieve my files.

In the meantime, it will  be a little quiet around here. I think this was the universes way of reminding me that I need to take a breather from time to time. This week was super stressful for lots of different reasons, but mostly because I am trying to do about a million things in my day lately which is leading to some burn out.

This mamma has to remind herself from time to time that she cannot be super woman every day. I can't help it. I'm a Capricorn. This is what we do. We work our little hearts out to be successful or to be helpful and then we realize we are neglecting ourselves.

Anywho, as we go into this 3 day weekend I am going to take the hint and get in some R&R and stay off my phone. Hoping to be back up and running sometime early next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you are lucky to have the 3 day weekend, I hope you stay safe and enjoy celebrating end of summer!

Namaste my loves!

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Healthy Living Challenge

You guys, Fall is just around the corner and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. Not only does all things boots, sweaters, and pumpkin come out, but it is also a time when the weather cools off. Fall is my favorite time to get outside and get active. Whether it be hiking, jump roping, yoga, or just making it to the gym, I find myself more motivated when it's not scorching hot outside.

I for one need to get active again. After bringing baby bloob into the world, this momma needs all the help she can get. I went to the gym for the first time in what seems like forever and I had a great idea.

Why not challenge myself to a healthy living challenge by logging some hours this fall. I want to help myself get back into the groove before the holidays get here.

Next thought, why not take it just a bit further and challenge all of you?