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The Weight Issue

After a busy weekend of new babies, outfit changes, and food shopping I have come to the realization that I need to lose some weight. Yes a subject most women hate to talk about, but indeed it is time I face the facts. I'm overweight.

During my work week, I swear a lot of leggings and comfy oversized shirts. When I had to put on actual pants this weekend, like jeans, they were pretty hard to get on. I wanted to cry, but it was that moment that made me decide it was time to make some changes.

Many years ago when I was going to the gym regularly, I was working on a 10/10 schedule. I would spend 60 minutes at the gym broken up to 10 minute increments between cardio and weights. I would do three sessions of cardio in between three sessions of weight lifting.

This may not work for everyone, but honestly I get bored really easily. My attention span when it comes to working out wanders quickly. Working on a 10 minute incremental schedule like this helps me keep to the hour I planned and keeps my body guessing on what I will do next.

I did this routine last night for the first time in 7 years and it was awesome. I was able to commit to the whole hour without ducking out after 30 minutes. That has been my routine whenever I go to the gym lately. I barely break a sweat and I'm ready to go home.

I am planning to keep a schedule as follows:

Monday: 1 hour at the gym: 10/10 routine
Tuesday: 1 hour at the gym: 10/10 routine
Wednesday: Teach 1 hour yoga class (50% rest)
Thursday: 1 hour at the gym: 10/10 routine
Friday: 75 minute yoga class as a student
Saturday: Teach 1 hour yoga class (50% rest)
Sunday: Rest

I am going to follow this schedule for 4 weeks and re-evaluate and make tweaks. I am confident following this schedule will show me some results by that 4 week mark. I am not planning to lose weight quickly, but I am confident I will notice a difference by then using this schedule.

On top of exercise I have already upped my water intake and cut out soda and juice. I went food shopping yesterday and stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and healthy snacks. I feel very confident about all of these changes and can't wait to reap the benefits of all the hard work!

Do you have a routine you follow to stay on track?

Have great week!

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Wellness Wednesday - Yoga and Essential Oils

Today I am going to do something that is a little out of my element and comfort zone. I am going to talk to you guys a little bit about the business I am working on creating. If you have been reading this blog at all this year, you know I am working on becoming a yoga teacher. The learning how to become the teacher is the easy part, to actually be the teacher is a whole other ballgame.

Over the past several weeks as I have closed in on the end of my studies, I have really put into perspective what sort of knowledge that has been given to me, and what I should do with it. I have shared little snippets of ideas that I've had to utilize my knowledge. Now I want to let you all in on the second part of what I want to do.

I want to teach yoga to women with body image issues. I want a safe space where I can teach either one on one or in a class where every person in the room feels comfortable in their bodies. I have also decided I want to offer aromatherapy and essential oil blends to aid in yoga and everyday wellness.

Also, something fun and quick. I've started a FB group for women only. There will be topics on yoga, essential oils, wellness, and happiness. I also have a thread to share your business with the group. There will be more options to share and empower eachother as the group builds! I would love for you to join us!

Join Potions and Notions - Yoga, Essential Oils, Wellness, and Happiness (If for some reason you can't join, comment below and let me know and I will add you)

I have worked with essential oils for a few years now on my own terms. I've learned how to make blends and which oils can help promote wellness for me. I use them now in my everyday life and realized as I go into this next phase of my life, that I also want to share my love for essential oils with anyone who wants to listen.

I have mentioned a few times how much I have suffered with acid reflux. I recently started using a blend to help with that. I have to report that after a week of trying this out, my reflux has greatly improved. It absolutely amazes me. I hate taking pills, and I've always used oils as aromatherapy, but I am diving more and more into ingesting them as well as massage practices. So far so good.

I will tell you I am a wellness advocate for doTERRA. I decided to do this when I started to use oils more and more in my life. It just made sense to me. I could buy my own oils at wholesale and not have to worry about hunting someone down to place an order. It's a pretty sweet deal.

I am not one to really promote this out there, but I did want to pass along a May promo for anyone who was interested in a wholesale acount. . Anyone who signs up with a wholesale account (no commitment) and orders 100 pv starts off with 50 points towards free product. (1 point = $1 on all essential oils, so you are basically starting off with $50 free!) If you have interest, send me an email and I can give you more deets. No pressure, just sharing the wealth!

So what do you think? Can yoga and essential oils work together? Would you enjoy a yoga session with aromatherapy? Share your thoughts in the comments! I would love to hear your opinions and experiences!

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Confessions of a Yoga Teacher in Training: Vol 2

I had a lot of discussion about my health this weekend with my yogi friends in training. I had mentioned I feel like I have been sick through out this whole entire training and yet somehow I am still standing, ready for the next thing.

One of the things that everyone agreed on, is this journey moves things. This journey opens up things in your body, bit by bit. My body is cleansing itself of all the stuff I have held in for all of these years. All of the pain. All of the secrets. All of the disappointment. Anything negative.

It all got there through pain and stress. It all has to come out the same way. There is one thing I have noticed through all of this. I have felt stronger than ever. My body may be going through some hard stuff,  but I am able to see things differently. My day to day life feels clearer.

My relationships have changed. I am able to interact with people differently. I can speak my mind in a way that isn't negative, but is also showing people I am not a doormat. I am able to remind people that everyone has their own views on life and things they do, but that doesn't mean their way is the right way, just as my way may not be their way.

So many great things have come out of this journey. Friendships. Confidence. Strength. I am sad that it will be coming to an end in a month. I am also very grateful to have had this opportunity and experience. It really has made me a better person. It is making me the best me I can be.

It is opening doors for me left and right. Not just opportunities, but also knowledge. I am going to take this with me into new adventures. I am going to use it to teach and educate. I am going to use it to learn. So many great things.

Have you done anything in your life that changed it for the better? Tell me about it! <3

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Challenge me March..

Here we are again. We are at the beginning of a new month. A time where we all ask for a clean slate and new chances. We often blame a month for our misfortunes. But maybe we are looking at it all wrong.

Every night we rejuvenate our bodies, thus giving us a clean slate the next day.  We just need to learn to utilize our clean slates daily and be the best person we can be.

I am asking March to challenge me rather than be better. I need to start holding myself accountable for some of the "better" I want to see.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. I was baptized Catholic but haven't much practiced since I was a little girl. Today I am going to take the challenge of Lent to make myself better.

For 40 days and 40 nights I am focusing on my health and well being. I am giving up the foods I know don't agree with me, but I continue to anger my body with. I  also going to make it a point to give everyday.

I want to feel better in my body as well as in my choices. This challenge is not for selfish intentions. If I do not take care of myself, I cannot help those around me in need.

So challenge me March. Make me stronger.

What does your March look like?

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Yoga Teacher Training Vol 1

Guys, let me tell you.. 34 hours of yoga teacher training from Friday to Monday is INTENSE! I am training to be a mindful warrior. I spent many hours in meditation along with learning the history and base poses to a yoga practice.

I am still working on processing everything I experienced on my weekend retreat immersed in all things yoga and mindfulness. I left feeling extremely close to my classmates and pondering all sorts of things in my life and about the world.

I do not have to be back in the class room for 5 weeks, but will be doing home study and practice in between. I will be logging a minimum of 2 yoga classes a week. I will be meditating 10 minutes a day, every day. I will be reading and studying the history and learning the whole body system.

I am beyond excited for this journey, and wish to share more once I processed everything completely over the next few weeks. I debated not posting at all until I had the words, but felt like going radio silent wasn't fun either.

Now I want to ask.. Do you practice mindfulness? Do you practice yoga? Please share with me your stories and journey. I would love to hear them all.

Much love!


How I am growing this year

When I announced I would be starting classes for my yoga teaching training, I had a lot of people ask my why. Why am I going to put myself through 200 hours of yoga in a short period of time?

Well since I start my journey this weekend (eek!) I figured I would give you my why.

Being healthy, both physically and mentally is always something I strive to work on. It is a personal choice for me, and I think it should be personal for you. Anytime you make a decision about your well-being you should be all in or not at all.

I have been committing to yoga for about a year now and I wanted a way to take it further. Life is stressful and I know I feel better when I give myself over to yoga and meditation. My mind clears and my body feels better.

I am also at a place in my life where I want to really get to know myself. I want to have a deep relationship with myself, which will help me have deeper relationships with others.

This was my calling for a better and balanced life.

Starting this Saturday the 14th, I will completely immerse myself into a yoga practice. I will learn about my body, and how to help you learn about yours. I will challenge myself both physically and mentally, and hope I will heal along the way.

That is what 2017 is going to be for me. Healing. Growth. Strength.

I am also going to do a journal here weekly. I will start this weekend with a start photo. I can't wait to see how much I change in 4 months.

What are you doing this year to encourage growth within yourself?

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Wellness Wednesday: Live in the present

Sometimes we all need reminders to live in the present and tune into our own emotions. Someone posted this lovely little guide on Facebook (I have no real source to this, please let me know if it's yours). 

I felt like it was perfect for this week, as there are still so many raw emotions out there.  

Have a great Wednesday. Listen to what your emotions are telling you. 

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The secret to happiness

Don't mind the random rambles this week. I have a lot to get out. What better place to share but with a few if my closest friends on the internet. #sorry not sorry.

Anywho, I think I've figured out the way to happiness. Yep I did it. Want to know what that secret is?

Let it go.

Yep it's true. Those books and therapists aren't kidding you when they tell you to do this. What they don't explain to you is that you need to be ready on your own terms to do it. You need to find your own journey to pursue.

I know I have mentioned this a lot lately, but since I started up a yoga practice again, I've been able to work through some of my issues in a way that soothes me and calms my mind.

I've started doing little things to help me stay balanced and on track. My temper has gradually cooled down and I don't feel set off as easily.

I'm compiling a list of what is working for me and hoping to share it with all of you soon. I hope you will find it helpful.

What do you do to keep yourself balanced? Have you been able to let it go?

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A workout routine from the past

workout routine

A few years ago I had a pretty solid workout schedule in place.  It worked for me and I was in shape. I felt good and was happy. Just like anything else though, curiosity got the best of me and I had to try something new. When that something else didn't work I'd move on to the next thing.

Here I am today out of shape and annoyed at myself. I wonder to myself why I ever stopped doing what worked for me. I have to remind myself that what works for one person, won't always work for the next person.

This week I have implemented my old plan with some new things. The new things are yoga sequences that are helping me with some of my tight spots I've encountered. I'm going to see if this routine still works for me. I am 2 days in and I'm already starting to feel better.

I wanted to share with you what I am doing in hopes that maybe my little routine may help one of you.

Monday: Gym- 1 Hour (10 minute increments alternating between cardio and weights/machines)

Tuesday: Home exercise. Stretches and heart rate raisers like mountain climbers and jumping jacks for 30 minutes.

Wednesday: Gym- 1 Hour (10 minute increments alternating between cardio and weights/machines)

Thursday: 1.5 Hour Yoga class (A series I've committed 8 weeks to)

Friday: Gym- 1 Hour (10 minute increments alternating between cardio and weights/machines)

Saturday: Various activities. They could include hiking, walking, house cleaning, and new activities I've wanted to try.

Sunday: Rest day.

What does your workout schedule look like?

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The best birthday gift

So today is the day. The end of another year. Another birthday. I also am sitting here reflecting on the fact that so much has changed for me in the last 8 weeks. A whole entire year and 8 short weeks of it made the difference for me. It goes to show that any amount of time can change the way a person lives their life.

There are 2 things that have happened in those 8 weeks that have really made the difference. They will send me into 2016 as a 33 year old with a new vision. Those 2 things are finding a new job and meeting my new therapist.

I  have made it no secret that I have been burnt out and unhappy this year. You saw that in my writing. You saw that in my inconsistency. I was in desperate need of a change. I was in desperate need of a new point of view.

Making the decision to change jobs was not an easy one, no matter how unhappy I was. It was familiar and I was comfortable there. We must remind ourselves that just because we are comfortable, doesn't mean we can use it to justify our unhappiness. The opportunity came up quickly and I knew in my heart I needed the change. Before I knew what I was really doing I accepted the job and sat on it for a few days.

Putting in my notice was really hard. In those days leading up to my decision I saw things in the people around me that made me remember why I once did love that place. I saw the kindness in the coworkers that became my friends. The friends who became my family. I was shown such respect and kindness in my last days. I almost felt guilty for leaving.

I stood my ground and left with my head high. I knew it was time for something new. A new chapter in my life. It was my last day at my old job that I got the call about my new therapist. I had been waiting 2 months for a replacement due to my therapist moving out of the practice.

I started my new job on a Monday and met my new therapist the next day on Tuesday. They have both opened my eyes to new ideas. They have both shown me that I have been unhappy for way to long.

I am happy to say, that today, on my birthday, I am finally ready to move past all of the sadness and pain I have held onto this year. I am ready to take on 2016 as the strong person I know I am. That is the best birthday gift I could ever give myself. Letting it all go. Setting myself free. Setting up myself for great things to come.

It also makes me a little less bitter that I have to share my birthday with the entire world ;)

Happy New Year!

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Natural Fall

The kids are back in school. The leaves are starting to fall. The nights are getting chilly. You're starting to feel that tickle in the back of your throat. Fall has arrived and so has the beginning of the cold and flu season. You're probably shuddering at that thought. Maybe you got lucky last year and skipped through without catching one. Maybe you are like me and suffered through 2 colds and never went to bed without slathering vapor rub all over your self, in hope to breathe through the night.

 I don't know about you, but I also shudder at the idea of all of the chemicals I am putting into my body each season to cover up the symptoms that come along with the cold. Have you ever read the back of your medicine? There are words I can't even pronounce! A few years back I tried changing my diet and only putting food into my body with words I could pronounce. It was interesting to see how much better I felt while following this simple rule.

Keeping all of that in mind, this fall I will be replacing my old cold medicine with Maty's all natural cough syrup and vapor rub. Some things to consider when deciding to change out your current cold medicines with Maty's all natural options:

  • The FDA does not regulate the use of the word 'natural' on products. What you see is not always what you get. Maty's makes products that are 100% natural with ingredients you can recognize. 
  • All products are made with whole food ingredients that come from mother nature. No harsh chemicals or additives. You won't find parabens in these products.
  • Maty's does not test on animals.

 If those things alone don't change your mind, consider my first impressions and thoughts:

The first thing I noticed about both the cough syrup and vapor rub was the smell. They both had smells I could recognize. The cough syrup was sweet smelling like honey and apple cider vinegar, while the vapor rub had a delightful mint scent. I didn't have immediate use for either product when they arrived but was able to really test run them this week when the weather started to change.

My allergies got the best of me and my nose was super stuffy over the weekend. I got frustrated that I wouldn't be able to sleep well when I remembered Maty's Vapor Rub. This rub is petroleum free and packed with eucalyptus, peppermint, and wintergreen: Three popular ingredients used as a cough and congestion remedy. I slathered some on my chest and was breathing freely in no time. I may have just found my new favorite love for the cold season.

Thankfully I only had allergies so I never fully got sick to use the cough syrup, but my dad visited this weekend and was coughing up a storm with his cold. I offered him a dose of Maty's Cough Syrup and within 20 minutes his cough was under control and he didn't feel so stuffy. He commented that the stuff tasted so good, he wanted to put it on a salad!

I am really impressed with the results and can't wait to test it further this fall. If you are looking to make the switch, you can pick up Maty's products at your local pharmacy or check them out online.

Will you be making the switch this Fall?

This post was sponsored by Maty's Healthy Products. All opinions are my own.

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Healing those sore muscles

Welcome back to the work week! I am cruising in feeling a little more relaxed and a lot less tense. The tension that had become my whole body was really starting to take over my life. I felt stiff and had a headache pretty regularly. Between getting back to regular workouts, work overload, and the beginning stages of planning a wedding, I have been pretty beat. Enter Rasa Spa, a full service holistic Healthcare spa in Ithaca, NY.

2 weeks ago I won their first ever Instagram giveaway which was giving away a 30 minute massage. I was super excited go get the message that I had won! I booked my appointment adding on another half hour to make a full hour. It was one of the best decisions I could have made.

*Sorry for the grainy photos.. only had my cellphone and didn't want to distract anyone in this relaxation room!

The whole experience was amazing. The locker room was very inviting with a sauna room, showers and plenty of bathroom necessities like hair brushes and hair dryers. I got dressed into my soft robe and headed to the tranquility room; a quiet room with super comfy lounging chairs and soft blankets to wrap up in. With a quick glance I also noticed a tea and water bar. I barely had time to notice it before I was being lead into my treatment room by a lovely lady named Edith.

Edith got me set up and was back in quickly to get started. I appreciated that. Because of all of my sore, tense muscles I opted for a very light relaxation massage. It did not disappoint. I was putty and feeling great. At the conclusion of the massage Edith handed me a glass of water and offered me a heating pack for my back. This was music to my ears and some sweet loving to my back. Lounging in my chair with the heat made me never want to get up! (Good thing because at that moment it was raining cats and dogs outside!)

I spent a total of 2 hours with Rasa Spa but really felt like so much happened. I felt more relaxed and energized for the weekend ahead of me. It was a few hours for myself that I didn't know I needed. It was a treat to myself for all of the work I've put into other people and projects over the past year. Thank you Rasa Spa for bringing me back to center.


When's the last time you gave yourself a treat?

Happy Monday!

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Wellness Wednesday: Acupuncture

It seems as though the cold was enough to knock me down for a few days, but today I am back to talk about being and staying well. I recently learned a medication I was taking was the cause of my rapid weight gain even after I questioned my doctor about it. The answer was always the same. No the medicine is not your problem. Your diet is. That's great and all but I was barely eating at that point and I was still packing on the pounds.

I have since stopped the medication but I still needed to deal with the reason I was on the medication. A friend recommended acupuncture. I have completed 2 sessions and I have to say I have already noticed some pretty great things. First thing I noticed were my menstrual cramps were non existent. On my second visit I was way into a full blown cold. The points she used eased up the sinus pressure and helped the cold along. It calmed down quite a bit after that.

When I went into my first session I wasn't sure what to expect. I am not a fan of needles by any means. After taking my history I was instructed to lay down and relax. The needles were very tiny and but I can't say I didn't feel them. There was a little pinch and then at times it was a little uncomfortable if I moved. I rested with the points in for 30 minutes. I was told that depending on what's going on in your body the points could be intense, which is that uncomfortable feeling I mentioned.

All of the points were removed and I only had a little bleeding on my forehead. Later that night I had a little soreness where some of the points had been. The next morning I felt back to normal. My second session was still intense but no soreness after. I am looking forward to my third session this week.

Have you ever had acupuncture? What was your experience?

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Wellness Wednesday - Not feeling well

It finally happened. After months of dodging it, I have finally been hit with the nasty cold that it seems like everyone in my office had. I was almost ready to throw a small celebration that I made it through the season without one cold. It would of been epic. But no, it HAD to show up on a Monday to complicate things.

It make me wonder if all of the stress and craziness of the move made my immune system weak which allowed me to get sick. I have gotten past many colds and sicknesses over the winter that R got from the kids. He was once again sick and almost over it when out of nowhere my cold hit me.

Getting the cold reminds me why I need to chill out as best as I can in stressful situations. I was able to steer clear of other bugs and viruses when I managed better. Now that I let myself succumb to the stress I opened myself up for germs.

This is reminder to myself and all of you to keep stress as minimal as possible to keep the rest of you healthy. Do something nice for yourself and allow yourself to relax during stressful times. I often forget to do this myself and here I am feeling terrible with this icky cold.

How do you maintain a healthy immune system?

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Wellness Wednesday: Water

Everything around us is built up with science. There are millions of molecules buzzing around us at all times. Our body is made up of molecules, and the biggest element is H2O. Water, for all you folks who don't use the scientific part of your brain. Because of this, it is super important to keep our bodies hydrated. Today I wanted to talk about the benefits of water and why you should be drinking more.

As a society, water is often passed over for sugary and caffeinated drinks. What we don't think about is the drinks we are choosing in place of water can often make us dehydrated and sluggish. Water is needed to help flush the body of toxins, and when it's not present we aren't getting everything moving. During the day we should all be consuming half of our body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should be drinking 70 ounces of water a day or roughly 8.5 cups of water.

This sounds harder then it is. What I have done to maintain my water intake daily, is purchased a fun water bottle that has the ounces marked on it. I drink four 20oz bottles of water a day. It goes a lot quicker then I thought. I drink one 20 ounce bottle before I go to work. I refill 2 more times at work and then drink the last 20 ounces after work once I get home.

I have been doing this now for a few weeks. The changes I have noticed are amazing! I have been having a lot of trouble with acne on my face and back. My face and back are FINALLY clearing up. I notice my skin looking brighter and I look more awake. I am not as hungry so I am not snacking as often in between meals. The bloat I have been feeling is going away. So many benefits come out of drinking water.

Do you drink enough?

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Wellness Wednesday - 10 Minute Challenge

Did you all think I was going to forget about my 10 minute challenge posts? Not a chance! Today I want to give you 5 more exercises and stretches you can do in 10 minutes. Not only are these quick, they can be done anywhere and they bring quite a punch! If you missed the last one you can check it out here ----> 10 Minute Fitness Challenge

Today we are focusing mainly on legs. Make sure to make adjustments to any of these exercises if they do not feel comfortable to you. Never do something if it hurts. I am not a certified trainer, these are all moves I perform myself. If you have any doubts please consult your doctor.

2 Minutes-Warm up doing jumping jacks. Do them in intervals. No need to do 2 minutes straight!

2 Minutes- Do 2 sets of wall sits. Lean up against a wall and slide down until you are in a comfortable "chair" pose. Hold this for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 1 more time.

2 Minutes - Calf raises!  30 minutes of raises, 30 minutes of rest. Repeat 1 time.

2 Minutes- Desk Leg Raises. Sit at your desk with good posture. Lift both legs up until they are straight and hold for 5 seconds. Bring feet back to he ground. Continue this movement for 2 minutes for a great  leg workout.

2 Minutes - Squats! Do 3 sets up 10. Rest in between as needed. 

There you have it folks. Easy peasy and you got leg day crossed off you list! Come back next week for more easy office workouts!

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10 Minute Challenge

There has been a lot of response to the 10 minute challenges I have been doing at work so I decided to put together a 10 minute office workout that you can do quick and easily at the office. This has helped me break up my day when I've been sitting a lot. Thankfully most days for me includes lots of running around, but I do get those days where I need stretch my legs and get my heart pumping.

All you need for this challenge is a timer, sneakers, and non-restrictive clothing.

2 Minutes: Warm up. I suggest taking a brisk walk around your office or doing jumping jacks at your desk. This will get your muscles warmed up so you do not hurt yourself.

2 Minutes: Do 3 sets of 15: squats. Rest for 30 seconds between each set.

2 Minutes: Do 2 30 second planks with 30 second rests between each.

2 Minutes: Do 2 30 second sets of tricep dips. 30 second rests between each.

2 Minutes: Finish up with jumping jax.

Make sure to stretch it out at the end if you are feeling any tightness or soreness. Always go at your own speed. If something does not feel right, then stop and modify it to make it comfortable. Drink plenty of water through the day to stay hydrated.

*Remember to always consult your doctor when starting a new workout practice. I am not a doctor nor am I a certified trainer. These are exercises I do daily at my own leisure. 

So what did you all think? Easy enough right? Would you want to see more of these? Lemme know in the comments below :) Happy Monday!

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H54F: 5 Favorite Wellness Items

Happy Friday! I'm still on the wellness/health kick. I think it's something I am adopting for life. I feel much better when I am being healthy and taking care of my well being. Today I thought it would be fun to tell you about my top 5 wellness things that have really put me on track for a better and healthier life.


1. My yoga block! I picked this baby up at T.J.Maxx for $4 a few weeks ago. I have used it for all kinds of yoga poses as well as stretching techniques. It really helps a short girl like me work into some of the poses where I feel my arms or legs are to short to reach. It also doubles nicely as a photographing platform. I have put a few items on it to get a nice picture with a black background. Score!

Pedometer, Fitbit

2. Always loving my Garmin Vivofit. It counts my steps and gives me daily goals. It also monitors my sleep and reminds me when I have been sitting for to long. It works on bluetooth and connects right to my smartphone. I love how it updates everything right there and lets me see goals and participate in challenges with other users.

Healthy Eating

3. I have been eating a lot of chia seeds lately. They go great in smoothies, oatmeal , salads, or just sprinkling them over anything really. You can also use it to make pudding. Once submerged into a liquid the chia seeds form a gel like case around them. Sounds weird, but they are super good for you and help you feel full!

Fitness, Energy, Diet

4. Thrive is always a help when it comes to my health and weight loss. I know I have talked about it before but this stuff really is the real deal. It is not a weight loss diet, it is a daily supplement that replaces all the vitamins we are missing. I have more energy and motivation to get out and do the things I need to do. I am currently doing an experiment on how I feel without Thrive. I can tell you I am tired and cranky. I don't want to do anything extra and my stomach has been upset. My anxiety has been showing more and I just feel like yuck Starting back up on that this week for sure!

5. 10 minute fitness challenges! Every Tuesday and Thursday at work I have the opportunity to participate in a 10 minute challenge at lunch time. It is a great way to get you moving during the work day and to get your heart pumping. This is especially good if you are sitting a majority of the time at work. It has certainly gotten me more motivated to get up and move!

Monday, I love you!

Normally you would never hear (or see) me say, "Thank God it's Monday!", but seriously guys.. I was so over last week and Monday was looking mighty fine with her moody cranky self. Yes I am embracing the new week with open arms. The weekend wasn't to shabby which is probably another reason I am feeling good on a Monday.

I had myself a good cry on Thursday, which also seems to make you feel better no matter what the reason was for the cry. You almost always feel a little lighter and less tense. I trucked right through to Saturday feeling just a little bit taller then I was Thursday. I had faced a few of my fears and that brought some peace to my mind. Such an empowering feeling.

So about my weekend (Sorry this is a bit rambly today, but I needed to let some stuff out.).. Saturday was spent with my other half. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was able to get myself some new yoga gear for super cheap thanks to T.J.Maxx. A new mat and a yoga block make me so happy. I was fully prepared for my first ever yoga event on Sunday.

Back on Tuesday me and the other half went to a Fat Tuesday event. It was hosted by the United Way and they had some pretty great silent auctions. I put down a bid on 2 tickets to a yogathon happening Sunday. Did not think I would win, but for almost 70% off the cost I had myself a pair of tickets. (We also ended up with a one night stay to a hotel that just happens to be right by a wedding we are going to this summer for super cheap and some theater tickets. My man love me. lol).

I was really excited and nervous to attend since I only just got into going yoga. I was not able to find myself someone so short notice to attend with me, but I ended up having a great time (and really sore legs!). I learned a lot and really found myself enjoying it. It is starting to feel like it needs to be apart of my life. Now that my 6 week course has ended I think it's time to find a yoga home. Somewhere that I can go during the week when I need to let go of the negative and stresses of the day.

 Such a great ending to my weekend. Now one last thing before I go. I am hosting my first ever e-reader challenge starting on March 1st (This Sunday). I am also offering up a $25 giftcard as a grand prize drawing for everyone who completes the challenge. All you have to do is link up to be entered! Check out all the deets here ---->  E-Reader Spring Challenge  Hope to see you there!

How was you week? It seems like a lot of people had "that week". How was your weekend?

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Wellness Wednesday- Clarity

I have been doing some much needed soul searching this week. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw a few posts about sticking up for yourself. While in my counseling session this week I was talking about how I feel left out in a lot of areas in my life. Whether it's not being invited out  with friends or being completely ignored when I have an idea. I was told that no person has a right to discount my feelings or thoughts no matter what the purpose.

I have always had a hard time sticking up for myself or speaking up. I let people talk over me because it has been happening for so long I just assume anything I have to say doesn't matter. Last week in my yoga class we talked about the Chakra that has to do with the throat and our voice. It was said that we need to let it all out and stop making ourselves a prisoner in our own bodies. 

I started with a post on Facebook, speaking my concerns and was overwhelmed with all of the responses I got. All encouraging and all true. I need to start taking action in my own life. I need to feel empowered in all of the achievements I have reached. I do not deserves to be lied to or made to feel like I do not matter.

And just like that I received a letter in the mail from a dear friend, like she knew I needed cheering up. Sometimes life works in mysterious ways. I think opening up the idea of feeling empowered helps to move into that state of mind. I am hoping from now on I can do that and stop discounting myself. 

I wonder how often this happens. Do you feel this way sometimes? I'm curious to know! Please feel free to share your stories.

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