Heal the world with your words

"And heal the world with your words", she said. That statement has stood with me for about a week now. I had a Reiki session done with someone I have never met before and she told me part of my journey on this Earth was to heal. She probably saw the state of confusion fall across my face, as I had no idea how I was supposed to do that.

I have never really spoke much about my faith or spirituality here on the blog. I felt called to talk about this today and share a bit of my beliefs and where I have stood most of my life on some of these matters.

I was baptized Catholic as this is what both of my parents were. We were never church goers as a family. We were military and we moved a lot. We didn't have family around and it just seemed easier to not go.

I never quite fit in anywhere we went. I was shy, quiet, and always paying attention to everything around me. I asked my parents once to go to Sunday school (I am not sure what church this was for to this day, I suppose I could ask) with my friends because a bus picked them up and took them to somewhere I assumed was fun.

My mom finally let me go, and friends, I will tell you I was scared to death of what I learned. I heard so much talk about the devil that day, and then was given candy to calm me down. I wasn't quite sure this was the place for me. I was 7 and made my mind up about religion.

As I got older I dabbled in things here and there when it came to religion, but nothing quite stuck. I was always drawn to living a spiritual life. Peaceful and kind. I have always been interested in astrology, tarot cards, and healing stones. I believed in spirits and guides. No one ever told me about these things. I just somehow knew.

When I was in my mid 20's I went on a hunt for a new church. I was going through some hard times and I was drawn to hear about faith. I must of visited 5 or 6 new churches in a 2 month time frame.. None of them seemed to fit. I tried all kinds of denominations.

When I moved away from family and felt alone and stressed I joined a yoga studio. I needed something to get me out of the house and interacting with new people. It is here I truly found my beliefs in faith and spirituality.

Yoga healed me soul. It not only helped my body physically, it helped me mentally and spiritually. I knew this is where I was meant to focus my time. I wanted to honor all souls in my practice. This included humans, animals, and plants. All living things basically.

So back to healing the world. It is said we all have the power to heal. The energy in our body can perform miracles if we let it. We all have gifts we can offer. For me, I have always had a way with listening and with words. Even when I am at my worst, I can still soothe someone with what I have to say.

I was told I needed to keep writing. I needed to keep inspiring. This is how I will heal the world. I honor that but also know once I am ready, yoga will have a big part of how I can help people on need. Maybe it is not just in the poses I offer that help people, but my words. I do not know I want to keep practicing to find out.

Thank you for listening to a little zen between the chaos today my friends. I would love to hear your take on spirituality and what you do and don't believe in. I do not want this to be a place to argue or be unkind to one another. It is a safe space where I truly want you to feel safe talking about this.

Have a wonderful week.

Love, Light, and Namaste,
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