Lets Get Metta

When you hear the word Metta, you are probably thinking about Facebook and their new identity, or whatever that is. They are actually called Meta, with one T. I just want to clarify, we will not be taking a closer look at the name change of Facebook, although that could be fun another day.
Tomorrow is the first day of February and what does the second month of the year normally signify, other than more winter, if you live somewhere that gets snow. February can be a doozy sometimes for snow. 

If you guessed the month of love or heart health month, you're correct! This is why I have decided the theme of the month will be Metta - which means positive energy and kindness towards others. Metta is often known as loving-kindness meditation. 

The goal of metta meditation is to cultivate kindness for all beings, including yourself. When I think of days like Valentine's day, I often think about loving ourselves and doing nice things for ourselves rather than buying and expecting from others. 

Practicing self-love and metta is such a powerful thing. It not only allows you to fall into a better relationship with yourself but also with others around you. Our relationship with ourselves often shows up in how we handle relationships with others. 

If you are ready to focus on the heart chakra and bring all the love this year, I invite you to join my Facebook group, Zen Between the Chaos.

 I will be hosting weekly live meditation and mindfulness exercises on Saturday mornings. In the month of February, we will focus on love and the heart. We will do metta meditation, self-love affirmations, heart chakra activations, and other exercises to align with the theme. 

The group is a safe space for those who identify as women. I hope to see you there are we celebrate a month of love. Stay tuned here for more here as we stick with the theme on the blog as well!

Namaste loves!

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Stepping out of the Darkness into the Light

How many times have you felt like you needed to re-introduce yourself to the world? I hope the answer to that is more than once. Why you ask?

Every day is a new opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself. That doesn't mean everyday people will see you as a new person, but you are working towards that next part of you. Leveling up if you will. 

I often refer to these introductions as stepping out of the darkness into the light. We are stepping out of the shadow of our old selves into the light of our next level up. And this can also mean that something you have been working on for YEARS can finally make sense to you and you step into it. 

This can be something like a belief you have. Maybe you are afraid to show the talent you have to the world because you are afraid of what others may think. You continue to hide it, even though you REALLY love it and you slowly feel like you are lying to yourself and those you love. 

This feeling can keep you stuck in that area of your life. You may not be able to move forward because of that. Maybe the talent is an amazing business opportunity, but again, you are afraid of what others think. You also dislike your current job. You wish you could do something else. 

Because you are hiding your talent, which could potentially become a business venture, you may continue to stay stuck in your career. You stay at jobs you don't like because you have to have a job. You aren't trusting yourself enough to take the leap on your talent. 

Do you see where that is all leading?

So let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you did something you REALLY loved?

I mean, your heart was so full, you felt like fireworks were going off around you and you just knew this was your jam? 

That's the kind of love I am asking about. 

I have found as I have talked to people over the last 2 years that they realized how much of themselves they had been hiding from the world. Talents, hobbies, points of joy. Things that light them up and make them extremely happy to get up every day. 

You need to step out of that darkness of being afraid and into the light where your heart is full. 

This is a lesson I learned recently myself. I pushed away a business name for YEARS because I never thought it was good enough. Didn't think it was professional. Was afraid no one would want to work with me. I FINALLY change my social media handles to Zen Between the Chaos after an ah-ha moment right before Christmas. Since I did that, I have had more inspiration, more ideas, and more support than I ever thought possible. 

This blog will also be The Trish List, but if you have been here a while you probably noticed, I have referenced it as my zen between the chaos for a few years. It is even in my little bio. The name haunted me for so long as a business name. 

I stepped out into the light and it is all falling into place now. I am ready to share that business with the world and I am no longer afraid of what people will think. A new website is coming soon. I will explain more soon!

Step out into the light friends! Chat soon!

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