The "promotion" stage is over

I am super nervous right now. I have what I feel like is my first "big girl" assignment at work today. Remember back in August I told you guys I got promoted? If you are new here, check that out *here* and then check out my take on the "internal interview". Anyways since I haven't really given an update on how the new job is going, I figured I could give and update and tell you why I'm so darn nervous!

I officially took over my new position on August 21st. It has been a whirlwind of emotions and struggles. The position I was promoted to is a newly created position. I also mentioned somewhere along the way that my new counterpart was my supervisor. She is now my equal. If that isn't awkward, I don't know what is.

So I got an office, and a new desk (Like literally brand new guys! I got to order it and watch it be built...) and last but certainly not least I got a window. Office with a view. Yep.. Moving on up! So now that I'm all moved into my fancy new office and fancy new title, I started to wonder, what exactly was I supposed to be doing? Because the position is brand new, no one knew what I should actually be doing. Of course they all had ideas, dreams, wishes, and all that jazz, but no real structure.

I came from a pretty demanding position (Read my funny take on "What's my job again?") so sitting around twiddling my thumbs was not my idea of work. I spent a good portion of my time on Facebook because I honestly had nothing to do. I would get assignments that were meant to last a day, but seriously? Adding someone's name to a copy list for email was not my idea of an "all day project." That took me 2 seconds. Literally. I came home and questioned my choice of taking the new position.

So fast forward to today. My job has definitely picked up. I am constantly running and working for lots of different people. My priorities change daily, and I am still working on a schedule that works for me. I think I am doing a great job and have gotten numerous emails from my coworkers telling me the same. It feels good to know I am making a difference somewhere. People appreciate the work I am putting in. Things with the boss turned equal are going well too. We get along better then I had anticipated and we work together nicely to get stuff done.

All in all I am happy with there my position is headed.  It was really looking like a lost cause in the beginning but I am glad it has made a turn for the better. Now back to today. Yesterday the CEO of my company came into my office and gave me and my counterpart we were going on a walk through with him and a select few others. Our bosses didn't even know we were going to attend this walk through. I had to make sure I looked my best today so I can make a good impression. So here goes nothing!

Wish me luck and I'll fill you all in later on how it goes!

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