Wellness Wednesday: Public Service Announcement

This week I have really picked up the pace when making sure to get to the gym and eat better. On Monday I told you all that I had a REALLY bad week last week when it came to food. I managed to get myself to the gym 4 days last week which was great, however due to my carelessness to only eating bad stuff, I am paying now. The sugar alone has reaped havoc on my face. I have red blotches and under the skin breakouts that hurt a lot. I felt very sluggish and unmotivated on top of that. Not so much fun.

I am treating this as a public service announcement to all of you. Think next time you want to fall off the wagon with your fitness, remember this story. Now everyone is different on how they react to certain things, but I do remember a dietician telling me once that EVERYONE has a sugar intolerance to a point. It is not good for our systems in large quantities.

So here I am with all my new gained "Spots" thanks to the sugar high I was on last week. I am already starting to feel better with removing all of the bad food from my system. I learned a valuable lesson. Even if you are having a bad week, eating unhealthy will not make it better.

Thanks for listening and have a great Wednesday!


  1. This is so true and so good to remember!!

  2. I need to remember this more often cause OMG does my face hurt!