I dream in ambition

Some people dream in color.. lately I've been dreaming in ambition. If I could make all my ambitious dreams come true, this is what my 2016 would look like:

  1. Become a part-time blogger that is bringing in supplemental income. This income would go towards my $10,000 wedding  budget. 
  2. Attend a Wanderlust Festival and be able to go for the whole festival. As of right now I am working on attending a day or 2 but can't seem to swing a full festival. 
  3. Travel across the USA via train. I've always wanted to take in all of the beautiful scenery this country has to offer, and what better way than via train?
  4. Start a subscription box. I have a fabulous idea, just not confident enough in myself yet to start working on it. Maybe I'll find that spark somewhere soon...
  5. Start a movement to kill mental illness stigma. I know this isn't new, but I feel like everyday I am seeing a story from someone I know struggling with it. We need to take a stand and get all of the hurting souls some help. Who's with me?

In a perfect would this would be my year. Just as everyone else has road blocks, I know I will run into some. Hoping to get as close as possible to reaching these ambitious dreams this year. If not.. there's always 2017 right?

What are your ambitious dreams?

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