February Short and Sweet Goals

Last year I started setting myself goals that related to a theme every month. My happiness project per say. One of the things I learned was putting to many goals into effect doesn't help. It stressed me out and burned me out. I'm taking a new appoach this year.

January's goal was to educate myself on the goals I wanted to set for the year and I think I accomplished that pretty well. February is a month of love so I want to focus my theme on all things love which includes self love folks. So onto February goals..

  • My new planner has arrived. One of my goals this year is to be a better planner. February is already looking like a busy month so I am going to set planning and organizing my month as a goal. 
  • Make time for my relationship. Maybe reintroduce a date night every other week. 
  • In January I posted 11 blog posts. I want to up that to 12 this month. I'd love to strive for 15 but again I don't want my goals to stress me out. 
  • Be the best cat mom I can be. Grace was an unexpected surprise but a good one. She is already helping me destress. 
  • Read 3 books. At least one self help book mixed in with 2 fun books. 
  • Find things to be grateful for daily. Write them down as a reminder. 
  • Maybe, just maybe get back into wedding  planning.. We shall see. 
Short and sweet goals for the month. I figure they are something I can achieve and to me accomplished goals are better than stressed out goals. What are you planning this month?

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