Make memories this Valentine's Day

Ahh Valentine's Day.. you either love it or hate, are into it, or not. For me Valentine's Day has a different feel. I don't feel like you need a day to tell your loved ones you love them. Some people buy chocolates and candy which is nice, but they don't last. If you're in a meaningful relationship and you're happy and in love, keep that and fill it with special moments.

Is there something you've wanted to do with your significant other, but have been putting it off? Maybe you do want to go out to eat and there's that restaurant that means a lot to you. Or maybe there is that activity you have been meaning to try, but just haven't made the time. Valentine's Day would be an excellent time to make the time for these things.

Life gets busy. We all put things off. Unfortunately one of the parts of our lives that seem to get neglected is our relationships. Use this Valentine's day to rectify that. Spend a day doing new things and making memories. Do the things together that make you both happy. If you can't think of something, don't worry, I have some ideas for you.

The weather has been pretty warm this year here in the north, but that's not going to stop me from recommending ice skating. Whether you can find a place to do it outside or have to go to an indoor rink, ice skating is pretty romantic and can bring back childhood memories. A very playful date.

Go to lunch. Pick out that fancy place you have been meaning to try. Lunch will be cheaper, have less crowds, and you can still dress up with your sweetie. After lunch you can head home to your sweat pants and Netflix and call it a night. Romantic right?

Take a hike together. Nothing brings 2 people together like a nature walk. Especially if it's cold you will have plenty of opportunities to snuggle with your sweetheart.

Head to a karaoke house and rent a private room. You and your love can belt out songs to each other. Nothing is more romantic than that right? Or you can invite a few couples out and make it a fun date night with a group. The ideas are endless!

Volunteer with your significant other. Nothing makes a person feel as great as when they are helping someone else out. A good option would be volunteering at your local animal shelter. You can snuggle cute kitties and puppies. Who knows, maybe you will meet another love of your life and take a new furball home!

So what do you think? Will you create some new memories with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? You still have time to plan! Sunday isn't that close right?

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