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Dare to Dream

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of life. I tend to go through waves of this. Sometimes I think about this when I am in a rut. Sometimes it just randomly pops up and makes me think. I know I am the only person who can make these things happen. I am in control of where my life goes.

I was reading over some comments on my blog this weekend, and someone pointed out my tattoo on my foot. They wanted to know what it was. It really got me thinking. The tattoo is a Kangi symbol meaning dream. I got the tattoo to remind myself to never stop dreaming 10 years ago.

As I continue to get older, as we all do, I notice myself more and more daydreaming about the things I want to do. I see clear vivid visions of what I want to do and where I want to go. Then I question myself. Why am I not doing this?

It is really interesting when you ask yourself these deep questions. You really get into a moment where you are clearly thinking this through.

Yesterday I cleaned my bathroom. I scrubbed my tub until it sparkled. Something told me I needed to do that. It then opened the door for me to take a nice relaxing bath. I soaked in a nice detoxing bath and I was able to read, and enjoy the quiet. There was a moment when I decided to put the book down and just sit.

My dreams popped up again.

It once again reminded me that you can't ever give up. Your soul is searching for happiness and these thoughts are always in the background, waiting to break through.. It helps me get motivated to stay on track for what I want.

I think I am ready to start working on these dreams again. I have taken the time to really get in touch with myself lately. I have learned what my being is craving. I am going to work hard every day to get those dreams into reality.

I can't wait to share with you all some of these dreams. I am planning to post about this soon.

What are some ways your dreams push their way into the present to jump start you to get going? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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When the signs point to yes

If you told me 5 years ago that I would sign up for a yoga series by myself and enjoy it, I probably would of laughed in your face. Number one, yoga is boring. Number two, who likes to do things alone? Well I completely overgrew that brat stage. In January 2015 I signed up for my first series of yoga classes. I did it for me and only me. It made sense that I had to sign up alone.

I finished the classes and felt a lot better about so much in my life. I felt lighter and my body didn't ache as much. It was glorious. But as life goes on, I made myself "busy", or so I told myself and yoga just became something I did once to help relieve stress. I took a few classes here and there with friends, but never really "practiced". I would look at my mat and sigh. I should be using it, but again I had no time.

Last fall I was at my wits end with stress. My job felt like it was killing me slowly and everything around me felt negative. I saw an ad for a 6 week beginners yoga class and felt like it was a sign. I wasn't a beginner per say, but I needed to go back to the basics. I needed some structure and this course looked like the place for me.

After signing up for the class an amazing job opportunity came my way. It was the opportunity I had been dreaming about it. I started my new job in November and started the first of 6 classes of yoga that Saturday. I felt like it was a sign.

I felt at home here. The space was warm and inviting and the instructor was amazing. I was sad when the class ended, but knew this time I could not let my practice become stagnant again.

I signed up for another course in January. An 8 week course of a 3 part series. 24 weeks in total when I complete them all. I just finished my 5th week and I am starting to see this as a passion of mine. Something I can see myself doing long term. Teaching.

Now the question in my heart is, do I pursue this?

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I dream in ambition

Some people dream in color.. lately I've been dreaming in ambition. If I could make all my ambitious dreams come true, this is what my 2016 would look like:

  1. Become a part-time blogger that is bringing in supplemental income. This income would go towards my $10,000 wedding  budget. 
  2. Attend a Wanderlust Festival and be able to go for the whole festival. As of right now I am working on attending a day or 2 but can't seem to swing a full festival. 
  3. Travel across the USA via train. I've always wanted to take in all of the beautiful scenery this country has to offer, and what better way than via train?
  4. Start a subscription box. I have a fabulous idea, just not confident enough in myself yet to start working on it. Maybe I'll find that spark somewhere soon...
  5. Start a movement to kill mental illness stigma. I know this isn't new, but I feel like everyday I am seeing a story from someone I know struggling with it. We need to take a stand and get all of the hurting souls some help. Who's with me?

In a perfect would this would be my year. Just as everyone else has road blocks, I know I will run into some. Hoping to get as close as possible to reaching these ambitious dreams this year. If not.. there's always 2017 right?

What are your ambitious dreams?

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