Mind dump: Brushing my teeth edition

I got up this morning to a beautiful sunrise as Grace raced across the bed making sure we were up. It's Friday and it feels like it came at the perfect moment. I got up to start my day and had the most random thoughts while brushing my teeth. I thought it would be fun to share on this fun Friday morning.

"Ahh it's cold. Why does it have to be February?"

"Which toothpaste should I use? The coal treatment or the minty fresh? Wait I did coal last night..."

"Grace get out of the sink!"

"I wonder when the first episode of Gilmore Girls will debut?"

"Grace! Out of the sink!"

"Is it May yet?"

"If I have to hear one more thing about Kanye I may lose my mind!"

"GRACE! Get out of the sink!"

"This toothpaste tastes funny."

"It is Friday right?"

Have a great Friday all!

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