When goals bring out emotions

Whew, was it just me or was that just February that just whizzed right by us? I feel like it just started. I sat down to write in my journal which I swore I just wrote in yesterday, and the last date was February 1st. I set up February to be a month full of friends and fitness in reference to my Happiness Project. What I didn't realize is the specific combination I put together to achieve those goals, were very emotional. So let's see how I did.

1800 Minute Challenge and Eating better (The fitness part of my month)

So when I originally planned out February and doing better with my fitness, I had EVERY intention of getting to the gym 3-4 days a week. With the bitter cold and crazy snow we have been getting that didn't exactly happen, however that doesn't mean I didn't step up my fitness this month.

I had Yoga classes every Thursday this month and decided to practice more frequently at home. I also took up some barre classes online. Between both of those activities and choosing better food options, I feel like I did a great job. It also encouraged me to participate in a Yogathon. I did two 75 minute yoga classes back to back, and man did that burn! 

I finally saw weight loss and mostly thanks to my Thrive system for that. It's kicking belly fat's butt and finally giving me a smaller waist! And it is getting small, trust me I got the measuring tape out ;) 

So I would say I kicked butt on that goal. Now this is a goal I am taking into March because my 1800 Minute challenge is still going as well as my Biggest loser challenge at work.

Two new friends and re-kindle old friendships (The friend part of the month)

Well again this was a pretty crazy goal on my part, but I will say I needed to face this. It has been way to long that I have tried to make new friends or reconnect with old ones. It is really rough to move away from all the people you love. It's even harder when you realize they are moving on in their lives when yours seems to be standing still.

So as far as the meeting two new friends, I actually succeeded! I went to a brunch at a friends house in early February and clicked with another girl who was invited. We have since chatted back and forth trying to work out a time when we can get together. (She is a grad student so I get it, she's busy).

The next is a girl I meet via Twitter who lives in my community. We have tweeted back and for for a few months and I actually had a chance to meet her at an event on Fat Tuesday, but chickened out. So I then made myself send her a message asking her out for coffee or tea. We had a friend date this past Thursday!

Now about the re-kindling part of this goal. I was better at getting in touch with people. Trying to make some plans once the weather is cooperating. It was nice to chat with some folks who I see on my Facebook daily, but that's all I know about them anymore. It also brought up some emotions. It made me realize some things (Things I don't wish to share yet) that make me sad. Things I know I need to personally work on to make them better.

Conclusion of both goals

Now I said at the beginning of this post that these topics brought lots of emotions. One of the reasons, and I didn't realize this at first, but Yoga is known to bring out all kinds of emotions. You are working on mindfulness and meditation along with conditioning your body.  Some poses can really be emotional and I learned that, as much as it hurt to come to some of those emotions, it was okay. I was able to face them and let them go. 

Same thing with friendships and relationships in general. Sometimes it takes you digging up the past to realize why you aren't so close to someone or why you have trust issues. Your past relationships sometimes explain your current relationships. Emotions will come up and that's okay too. It is a good thing to be able to learn from these things and make your current and future self better.

Because of both of those goals, February was very hard. But not hard in a sense that I wanted to give up, but hard that it made me aware. That is a very good thing. I am proud of the goals I met and glad they challenged me in ways I wasn't expecting.

Ongoing Goals

Reading is going to be an ongoing goal for me. It helps with stress and my wandering mind. Not only did I read this month, but I decided to organize a reading challenge! The E-Reader Challenge started yesterday (March 1st) and will continue until May 31st. I am offering a prize drawing at the end for a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  Check out the categories and link up here--- > Challenge Sign up!

 March Goals- Getting Organized

I am going to be moving out of my apartment and into my boyfriends apartment at the end of March. I need to start going through things so we can combine our things without to much clutter. (Spoiler alert; I will be moving AGAIN in June when we move out of his apartment into another apartment better suited for both of our lives).

Speaking about organizing, I need to get my blog functions more organized. With all of the stuff going down this month I need to get my posts organized as well as my schedule. I do not want this space to suffer because my real life is nuts. So hopefully you can expect regular M-W-F posts like they are now. If I miss a day, you will understand right?

Both of those things in mind, I really need to start utilizing my planner more. I need to start keeping track of everything going on so I don't burn myself out. It doesn't seem like a lot of stuff but getting organized is hard work! I also need to add in work functions and regular social functions and my month is pretty much shot!

So there you have it folks. I rocked February's goals and March could be another challenging one, but I have faith I can get it done!

What are your March goals?


  1. Congratulations on hitting those goals, and have fun with the reading one!

  2. That sounds really awesome! I mean, you kicked ass on the goals, but even with unexpected repercussions, you still dealt with it and even turned it into a silver lining. I am impressed!

    It's interesting how you described yoga as emotional. I don't know that I've ever really noticed that. But I guess when I do yoga with my mom, we're not really trying terribly hard to do the whole mindfulness aspect of it. We chat and make jokes and it's really just the physical part. Even with meditation, though, it's been more calming than anything. Because my emotions are almost always tied to something in the past or future, so when I focus on the here and now I feel relieved that I don't have to think about anything else.

  3. Sounds like you had a productive month! So happy for you with the friend part. It's hard putting yourself out there isn't it? I'd love to hear more about the online barre class. Care to share some of the info?

  4. It was interesting because I had brunch with a few friends and one of them went into a story about having a massage the day before and completely losing it to her emotions and crying. So in response our other friend was like OMG that happened to me in Yoga. It is pretty amazing how your body let loose of some of those emotions sometimes. It really clicked in my mind then what was going on with me this past month. I really got in touch with some things that needed to be addressed.

    Although I do like the sound of your fun sessions with your mom! I would love to be able to laugh sometimes during it too :) Thanks for all of the encouragement you throw my way daily!

  5. Thanks Anne! It really was a great month overall. I went and did a search on Youtube for Barre classes and I found a couple that were full classes. Me personally I loved the FitSugar variation because it was quick and hard. It lasts about 10 minutes but OMG do my legs and thighs hurt after. Hope that helps!

  6. Great job Trish! My goal for March is to pass my big exam :) I just got a new planner for my blog and I am excited to start using that in March as well!

  7. Thanks Trish! Much luck and positive vibes being sent your way! You're gonna rock it :) Planners are so much fun (Well when you remember to write in them.. ).