Lets talk about me!

Christine over at The So-Called Homemaker said I should fill this out so I’m going to!  I encourage all of you to do this, too…such a fun way to get to know each other!

Favorite pet I ever had:
Oh my what a hard question. I have a a few cute little handsome kitties steal my heart in my life. I still have 2 of them around. Bean and Rocky. Both living with my parents and as happy as can be!

Favorite food I’ve cooked:
I really love to experiment with food. Lately I am experimenting with lots of healthier options and I have really enjoyed cooking sweet potatoes. They are so versatile and good for you!

Teacher who changed my life, and why:
My photography teacher in high school really touched me. She always drummed to her own beat and taught me it was okay to do the same. Don't be like everyone else just because its easier. I still love photography and she really helped me fine tune the eye I already had. 

The best paid entertainment I’ve ever seen:
I am a huge music fan. I would have to say some of the concerts I have attended have really blown my mind. Both on the local bands and professional levels. I don't think I could choose just one but that is always my escape when I choose entertainment. 

Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours:
Freebies and blogging. I get so sucked into all the things that the internet has to offer. I love to sit and read great blogs and search for my next freebie. Sometimes it sounds silly, but I have it down to a science and its worth it.

My greatest skill (past or current)
I have excellent listening skills but I still think I am pretty great at photography. I enjoy it and I know a lot about it. I could talk to someone for hours about it if given the chance.

The best advice I’ve ever been given:
No one has the right to discount your own life or choices. They may disagree with your choices but that doesn't mean they get to make you feel bad about it. 

My favorite flower or plant – personally grown:
I love lillies. They are beautiful and always come back every year just as beautiful as ever. 

The most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten – what and from whom?
My boyfriend took me away to Maine within the first few months of dating. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend with beautiful memories. I will always keep that in my heart and as a gift I will never forget!

My most suspenseful moment:
Waking up from a bad car accident not knowing where I was or if anyone else was alive. It was the most suspenseful and frightening moment of my life. Something I will never forget but wish I could.

My most unexpected achievement:
Moving to Los Angeles and being able to survive by myself alone in a big crazy city!

My favorite paid employment, ever:
Hmm.. Probably working in the prep-room of a world class spa. It was only part-time but it was so fascinating to learn about that world and how quick those ladies and gents have to move in between massages and facials. So much chaos goes on behind the scenes of such a relaxing place!

The favorite dessert I’ve ever eaten
I love cheesecake of any nature! All flavors and varieties!

The most scared I’ve been by a bug or critter:
Hmm.. I don't know when the last time was I was really scared of anything like that. Not many memories of crazy critters or bugs. 

My favorite household chore:
I really do enjoy vacuuming. I could vacuum all day if you let me. 

Favorite item no one knows I own:
What an odd question. I don't think I own anything that I love but no one knows about it. 

The prettiest shiny object I’ve ever owned:
Well.. at the moment I haven't owned much that was shiny except these shoes! lol

Favorite outdoor smell:
Burning of leaves in the fall. Such a great time of year.

Favorite song I ever danced to and with whom?
I'll get back to you on this one.

The favorite place I have ever traveled to where I’d spend my whole life if I could?
The Bahamas. I went for a whole week and lived like a local just enjoying the culture. It was so great and beautiful.

The most significant change I’ve had to go through and how it made me better:
Moving myself out of state away from everything familiar. I had to learn to live and I have really made my own life that I am proud of. It has been hard and there's been plenty of bumps, but it's been very rewarding as well.

Favorite environmental sound (rain, thunder, etc.)
Rain for sure.

Best time I’ve had playing with a pet
I love getting my parents dog all wound up. He gets all jumpy and dances. He is an English Bulldog so that can get very fun to watch.

The favorite picture I’ve ever taken?
That's a hard one! I have so many, but let's go with this one: It's like the sign is saying "Stop and look up! It's so beautiful up there!

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  1. The Sequin NotebookMarch 11, 2015 at 10:19 AM

    I love reading these and getting to know more about bloggers! That car accident sounds so scary, I can't even imagine :/

  2. Fun post! Love your sparkly shoes! Oh my goodness the car accident thing sounds so scary, so glad you're ok!

  3. Love posts like these! I think I see some future posts in this post...such as a tutorial on freebies! The smell of leaves burning in the fall is amazing! I can not imagine the fear you must have had after that car accident. So scary!

  4. Love that you did this! Also, you need to send me those shoes. kthxbye

  5. I love learning about other bloggers through things like this! That's so neat that you up and moved to a new place, that's something I've wanted to do but I always hesitate for all the trial and error that comes with it. Good on you!

  6. I agree! So much fun to learn unexpected things. That accident will haunt me for ever but it did make me who I am today.

  7. I love those shoes and that picture does them no justice lol. That accident is the reason I have to be strong and stop slacking on the fitness thing. My body feels so much better when its stronger :)

  8. They are so much fun! So glad Christine posted it! Yes I certainly need to share the freebie knowledge lol. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year!

  9. Thanks for posting it! It was a lot of fun :) Those shoes really are magical lol

  10. It is definitely scary but so rewarding when it's where you know you want to be :)

  11. Blogging is a great hobby :) And yes, it usually takes HOURS!!