H54F: 5 Favorite Wellness Items

Happy Friday! I'm still on the wellness/health kick. I think it's something I am adopting for life. I feel much better when I am being healthy and taking care of my well being. Today I thought it would be fun to tell you about my top 5 wellness things that have really put me on track for a better and healthier life.


1. My yoga block! I picked this baby up at T.J.Maxx for $4 a few weeks ago. I have used it for all kinds of yoga poses as well as stretching techniques. It really helps a short girl like me work into some of the poses where I feel my arms or legs are to short to reach. It also doubles nicely as a photographing platform. I have put a few items on it to get a nice picture with a black background. Score!

Pedometer, Fitbit

2. Always loving my Garmin Vivofit. It counts my steps and gives me daily goals. It also monitors my sleep and reminds me when I have been sitting for to long. It works on bluetooth and connects right to my smartphone. I love how it updates everything right there and lets me see goals and participate in challenges with other users.

Healthy Eating

3. I have been eating a lot of chia seeds lately. They go great in smoothies, oatmeal , salads, or just sprinkling them over anything really. You can also use it to make pudding. Once submerged into a liquid the chia seeds form a gel like case around them. Sounds weird, but they are super good for you and help you feel full!

Fitness, Energy, Diet

4. Thrive is always a help when it comes to my health and weight loss. I know I have talked about it before but this stuff really is the real deal. It is not a weight loss diet, it is a daily supplement that replaces all the vitamins we are missing. I have more energy and motivation to get out and do the things I need to do. I am currently doing an experiment on how I feel without Thrive. I can tell you I am tired and cranky. I don't want to do anything extra and my stomach has been upset. My anxiety has been showing more and I just feel like yuck Starting back up on that this week for sure!

5. 10 minute fitness challenges! Every Tuesday and Thursday at work I have the opportunity to participate in a 10 minute challenge at lunch time. It is a great way to get you moving during the work day and to get your heart pumping. This is especially good if you are sitting a majority of the time at work. It has certainly gotten me more motivated to get up and move!


  1. I've got a garmin vivofit too, but mine is a different model. I am in love with it though. It's so helpful :)

    Midwest Darling

  2. I would love to get something like a Vivofit eventually! Sounds like such a great fitness tool!

  3. The Sequin NotebookMarch 20, 2015 at 2:16 PM

    I have been tossing chia seeds into smoothies lately like they're going out of style...love that they provide such great health benefits!

  4. I never take mine off! I love that it is waterproof because I think if I had to take it off for the shower I would forget to put it back on!

  5. It is pretty awesome! I found mine on a flash site for super cheap. Keep an eye out on those types of sites cause they are always running specials on fitness tools lately. If you need a list of websites let me know and I can email them to you :)

  6. I LOVE chia! I bought them from a local farm and I'm never going back!

  7. The 10 Minute challenge sounds like such a great idea! I found that even if I did a quick 10 minute walk around the building it made the rest of my day so much more productive. Great tips! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!! Thanks for linking up at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  8. OK, I'm curious... with all of the fitness bands out there... what made you choose the garmin? It seems everyone has a fitbit or jawbone & I've never heard of the garmin. I'm trying to find a good one at a good price to help me keep track of things because my fitness pal alone is barely cutting it. It's great for tracking my food, but I tend to forget to log exercises. and I'm not sure how accurate the calories are.
    I only just recently heard about chia seeds. In my taste guru they had a chia squeeze thing that I hated but I think it was the flavor, I learned my sister uses them in smoothies.
    LOL can we just have a google hangout session and talk all things getting fit?! hahaha

  9. I really am loving the challenges! Really making that difference in getting motivated for the rest of my day! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. We totally should have a google hang out for fitness! SO MUCH FUN! Okay sorry wanted to get that out first. lol.. With the Garmin I went with it on a whim to be honest. I was researching the Fitbit and the Jawbone and they both had things I wanted but not together. The Garmin has all off the options I was looking for. It of course has the step counter, it also links up with My Fitness Pal so you can keep track of your calories and it syncs so you can see how much more you can eat in a day with it. It also has a sleep tracker and an option to hook up to get your heart rate. My favorite thing is its waterproof so I don't have to take it off. It syncs really easily to my smartphone and lets me see everything laid out. So yeah.. Google Hangout? hehe