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Happy Friday! We made it. Today's post is geared towards my fellow bloggers and those who may be interested in starting a blog. If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably noticed me using a hash tag a lot lately. That hash tag is #BlogStaycation. If you're like me you probably get curious and click on it to see what it is. Maybe you didn't but are still think, "what the heck is #BlogStaycation?!" Well my friends you are in luck. Today I am offering up an explanation. An ultimate Blog Staycation Resource if you will. Here we go!

Trish @ The Trish List
Julie @ Girl on the Move
Jen @ Jenerally Informed
Farrah @ The Reflective Mama (Not participating this time around)

How did the Blog Staycation come to be?
It all started last summer (2014) in a SITS Girls Saturday Morning Twitter chat. There were some comments about wishing there were a better way to stay organized in blogging and a time to set aside to get it all done. Julie chimed in about taking a Staycation just for the blog. All 4 of us joined forces and threw around ideas. In August 2014 the first Blog Staycation was launched!

We had about 50 participants in the first  4 day staycation. We have doubled our attendees in just 7 short months. The Spring edition of the Blog Staycation has just over 100 participants! 

Okay, so you told us how it started, explain exactly what it is we must do?
The Blog Staycation is 4 days dedicated to getting your blog "to do" list done. We offer daily emails, chats and guidance to help you achieve your goals. You can participate in as many days as you'd like moving at your own pace! There is no pressure to attend any events and you can stay completely anonymous if you'd prefer. At the end of the 4 days we wrap it all up and offer a link-up where you can show everyone what you have achieved and connect with new bloggers! It's really a win-win all the way around if you ask me!

Okay I decided I need to participate. How much does it cost?
Absolutely NOTHING! It's free! The Blog Staycation is an online event where you can choose your own adventure if you will. We are all here as support and idea sparkers, but ultimately it is you who is doing all the work on your to do lists.

Now what?
I want to offer up some of my links from last year's events to get an idea of what to expect when you are participating in the event. 

The first Blog Staycation Announcement
Interacting with your Readers
Scheduled Posts

This year we are doing things a little bit different, but this happens when you start to grow something. We are still offering up daily e-mails and chats, but we will only feature 1 blog post a day to keep it less confusing! That's not to say we won't be throwing in some bonus links and surprises here and there!

4 Day Schedule
March 26th - Blogstaycation Kickoff Twitter Party
March 27th - Facebook Chat #1 - 11am Eastern Time  (Join!)
March 28th - Facebook Chat #2 - TBD (Join!)
March 29th - Twitter Party Wrap Up - 9:30pm Eastern

For the Twitter Parties make sure you are following all of us on Twitter!
Trish @TrishListBlog
Julie @jmdenouden
Jen @QueenMomJen

Also find us with the hashtag #BlogStaycation. You can post there throughout the event to connect with other fabulous bloggers we well!

Well guys there you have it. The run down of what to expect and when to expect it during this installment of the Blog Staycation! Stay tuned more for inspiring posts of ideas and ways to get you motivated all weekend long! I hope to see you all around! Have a wondeful Friday!

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