Blogging for you

Sometimes it is really easy to forget why you started to blog. You forget you had a passion to write and have your voice heard. Instead you stress over every post because it isn't as good as so and so's. You see a trend and now you need to do that too. Gotta keep up with the Blones' (haha like Jones').

Starting today I want  you to forget about everything else you are reading and focus on you. Come back to center and really engage in the vision you had with then you started your blog. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What is the main reason I started my blog?

Am I proud of the content I am putting out?

What is it that I am really good at and can bring more great content to my readers?

Were these questions easy to answer or did you get stuck? Chances are if you got stuck you are not being true to what you really wanted to do with your blog. You are to hung up on what everyone else is doing to stop and write for you.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean writing for you in a way that you shouldn't try and engage with your readers, but writing for you so your readers know the real you. Does that make sense?
Write what you are passionate about. Let your readers see you get excited over something you love. Make them want to come back for more so every time is something new and exciting. Once you get that you are golden.

I hope if you didn't take anything else out of this post, you will stop and check in with your goals. Make sure you are on the path you set out to be on. If you aren't start fresh tomorrow and let your greatness shine through.

Make it a good one and always remember being YOU is the best trend you can follow.

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  1. This is something I constantly have to remind myself of, especially when I fall into the comparison game. It easily puts things back into perspective and often re-inspires me.

  2. I love this reminder, it's hard to sometimes not get caught up trying to stay in the mix and relevant. Sometimes you just need to do it for the original reasons you came here. Great post!

  3. It is so easy to get off track and then so hard to get back! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I am in the same boat. Always comparing myself to others. I need to remind myself that I am unique and have a unique voice!