Wellness Wednesday: Gadgets!

I don't know about you, but I love to research products before I buy. I want to know everything there is to know about that one item I've been pining over. But then a get a wrench thrown into my decision when a new comparable item comes out on the market right when I have FINALLY decided to buy said item. Now what?

Now I have to re-research my original item AND do new research on the new item. I often take to social media and ask for a little help from my friends. Has anyone used said item? How do they like it? Is it worth my hard earned cash? Most of the time I get divided answers and it really doesn't ever help me out completely. This is why I wish we as consumers had more opportunity to try things out before we buy. If we are willing to make an investment into a high priced item, shouldn't we be able to test drive it for a few days?

Now I know this is only a dream in my head, because no company could ever trust every single person who walks into their door to take care of the item while trying it out. This is why we have product testers. Honest (Or so we hope) men and women try products out and give their opinions so folks like you and I can "live" through them if you may. These reviews are supposed to help us decide if said item is for us.


So here I am. I just got off a research binge. I've read review after review, and I still can't make up my mind. Fitbit or Polar Loop? I am so torn. They both have features I really like and some that I'm not sure of.. I really want to use one in my daily life to see how well (or bad) I'm doing with my steps. Does anyone have any experience with either of them? Was the one you tried accurate? Any feedback is mucho appreciated! Anyone wanna send me one to try, I will love you forever! (Yeah I'm shameless, If you don't ask you never know right?)

Thanks in advance if you help me decide on a gadget that could ultimately get me where I need to be to finally lose the 20 pounds I gained in 3 months.


  1. I had the FitBit Flex for a while, and I was pretty impressed until I realized it wasn't tracking heart rate like I thought it was. I wasn't just walking, I was lifting weights, biking, etc, so it really wasn't getting a lot of good tracking on those activities.

  2. I love my fitbit one, but I use a polar watch when I'm actively working out so I can be more accurate as far as calories burned.