Fun Friday

I am so happy to see Friday. It's been a long week and I just need to let loose and have some fun today. I decided a fun way was to answer a fun questionnaire like I used to when I was in high school and you would send them to your friends via e-mail. Remember that?! Now all I use email for is to receive junk  mail or something for work. So here we go...

If you had a pig, what would you name it? Piggles

Lamps or Ceiling Lights? Lamps I think..
What do you do when it snows? HIDE! Ugh I really need to move away from the north. It's coming!

Name a Random Vegetable: Acorn Squash

Elf ears or a witch nose? Elf Ears, who wants a crooked nose?

Love at first sight: Possible? I think to a point its possible.

Are you a graduate? Bachelors baby!

What type of device are you using right now? (Laptop, Macbook, PC, etc): Laptop

Is Google your homepage? Nope

Would you perform on Broadway? If I was good enough to be there then absolutely!

What's your meaning in life? Being the best person I can be while living out all the adventures I can experience!

What is the difference in a fruit and a vegetable? Who cares?! They are both yummy :)\

Favorite Movie? The Craft or Where the Heart Is

How do you exert the most energy? Being active and eating healthy

On a scale of one to penguin, how random are YOU? Haha Well then I'd say VERY :)

Ok that was pretty silly but it was fun to just have a bit of fun! What do you do for fun?

:Reminder: I'm hosting a link up next week for everyone to answer 5 questions of their own making!I hope you join in the fun!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I was just thinking about those surveys myself! I used to do them alll the time and as pointless as they are, they were so much fun!