New address!

It's Friday, and I have some exciting news! I FINALLY purchased my domain name! I have been kicking around the idea for awhile, not sure if I was invested enough in my writing to purchase the domain. Then I got thinking, WHY NOT?! It doesn't cost all that much to have it, and now I can finally feel professional with my blog.  I enjoy this space and connecting with all you wonderful folks!

Now that I got that done, a revamp is next. I feel like since I have really found my direction, it's time my design reflects that.  Look for a fresh new look soon! This is the month for changes! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Update your favorites. My new web address is:

Oh Maine! (Picture Heavy)

I was out of town last week on a mini Vacation. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you got to see a glimpse of my trip. Instead of posting a long drawn out post on it, I am just going to leave you with a picture story of my time in Maine!

Because, Blueberry! Duh
I loved this! I want to start one in my city!

There is always a light house to see in Maine. So pretty!

Sunsets were GORGEOUS!
You CAN'T go to Maine and not eat Lobstah! (And beer apparently)

Spend a few hours on Campobello Island in Canada. Visited the Roosevelt Cottage. So PRETTY!

This pool was AMAZING!

That about sums up my trip to Maine. I visited 4 destinations on my 4 day trip. I started it in Portland, then headed up to Lubec, which is a little fishing town on the eastern most point in the US. We headed into New Brunswick, Canada and onto Campobello Island.  (This was only across the bay, a 10 minute drive from Lubec. We then spent our last night in Bar Harbor. I think I spend about 25 - 30 hours in the car over the course of 4 days. NOT FUN! 

Maine has such beautiful landscape, its no wonder their license plates say "Vacationland" on them. I would recommend visiting, but not traveling around so much! Pick one place and enjoy it. 

I  hope you all enjoyed some of my vacation pics! Happy Thursday!

Treasure Tromp
The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

Blogging Everyday

Blogging everyday is hard for me. It's not that I don't have any ideas, but I am just afraid my content will become stale. The other reason is I do not want to burn myself out. This is why I limit my posts to 3 times a week. I feel like it keeps my posts fresh and gives me time to breathe. September is a month that has always been good to me. It always brings good things, so I have decided to flex my blogging muscles and blog every weekday this month. I came across this great September Challenge and decided I needed to get on board. I may not use the writing prompts everyday, but some of them are really neat and can lead to some great posts. Here's to blogging everyday in September! Wish me luck!

Today's prompt is: What is your earliest memory?

This is such a great questions because now that all the kids are going back to school, I have been feeling very nostalgic. I have been thinking back to my first day of pre-school. It is one of my earliest memories because I remember how excited and how scared I was to be away from my parents. It was only for a few hours, but my mom was a house wife so I had never been to a daycare or babysitter up until that day. I remember climbing the steps to the bus and waving to my mom. She smiled and waved back. I felt safe. Her smile always made me know everything was going to be okay.

I rode all the way to school next to a girl, who I believe her name was Amanda. She talked the entire ride. I remember feeling shy and not sure if I should talk as well. When I got to school we were lead to our class rooms. I was so scared until I walked into the room. It was a huge space with lots of built in playgrounds. There were trees and monkeys and lots of bridges to run across. There were nets and ropes to hang on. I was in kid heaven. My mind instantly switched from scare to excited. I enjoyed my first day of pre-school. I didn't want to go home.

I rode back home next to Amanda. She again talked the whole way home. I saw my mom waiting for me as the bus inched towards our house. She was still smiling, just as she had when I left. I ran to her and gave her the biggest hug, thanking her for sending me away. She laughed at my wording. I still laugh today when I think about that moment. 

It's those little things that bring us back to the innocence of being a child. As we grew through the school years, we didn't still see it as magical and fun. It was work and stress. If we could only go back to those magical times and remember to still laugh, and enjoy the little things.

Do you remember your first day of school?

New Series!

Hi Everyone! Today is the day.. The day I am sharing a new series with you!. If you read yesterday's post on defining lifestyle, you know this space is undergoing some changes. And good ones at that! I am on a mission to connect with more people, and share as much as possible. This series is about sharing some great ladies who take to the internet and share their worlds with you. All of these ladies are defined as "lifestyle" bloggers. As you get to know these ladies over the next 6 weeks, you will see, even though they are in a category together, they are all very different. They each bring something different to the table. I hope you will follow along with me, and get inspired.

We all have that question we are just DYING to answer, but it doesn't ever seem to come. Each of the bloggers submitted their own set of questions AND answers in effort to get some stuff out there that they normally aren't asked. If this doesn't define the lifestyle blogger, I don't know what does. So sit back, relax, and expect some fun over the next 6 weeks! 

First up is one of my first friends in the blogging world. Christine over at The So Called Homemaker has been very inspiring to me in my journey and she has always been very helpful. She always helps me out when she can and gives me the answers to my questions. I couldn't think of anyone I would rather introduce you to first. Please go and show her some love and enjoy her questions!

It looks like you cook a lot of really complicated meals.  Doesn’t that ever get old?  
Christine: Actually, most of the meals I cook at home are things like baked chicken with a frozen vegetable and canned beans of some sort.  I’m usually a pretty lazy chef!

Why do you never brush your daughter’s hair? 
Christine:  I do!  She has crazy hair that looks like that even when I brush it!

Do you ever feel like you wish you were doing more with your life?   
Christine: I will admit that being a “homemaker” isn’t what I saw myself doing with my life, but I think what doesn’t show on the blog is that I do in fact spend a lot of time on my real estate work, which is pretty fulfilling and basically like a real career (except that I get to stay at home).  I just don’t talk about it much on the blog/social media because I think that’s plugging and that’s not really fair to my readers. 

Speaking of real estate, you’ve mentioned some horror stories about showing houses.  Can you tell us one? 
Christine: Absolutely!  I have tons.  One of the strangest though was a house that was abandoned but still had tons of stuff in it, including about 6 walkers that had been delivered since the house had been vacant.  What’s weird about that is that there were locks on the OUTSIDES of the bedroom doors.  Then the bedrooms all had holes in the walls.  It was just really creepy, like they were locking up old people and torturing them.

You’ve been married for about as long as most bloggers who give relationship advice.  Why don’t you give any?  
Christine: Honestly, I don’t think I have the right to give advice because although we’ve been married about three years, we’re still learning.  My husband and I don’t believe in talking negatively about our relationship in any way in public, either, so that’s why you’ll also never see me complain about him or anything he does on the blog or social media.  We think it’s important to present an united front. : ) 

Thank you so much Christine for sharing those great questions with us! I hope you all enjoyed them just as much as I did. I hope to see you all back here next week when we connect with Helene who blogs over at Helene In Between. I will be posting this series every Monday starting next week. So look for Helene's Q&A on Monday, September 8th!

Have a good one!

How do you define Lifestyle?

Change. Fun. Adventure. Life. All of these words can tie in with the term Lifestyle. But what does it really mean to be a Lifestyle blogger? It seems to be a place you get thrown when you don't fit into any other category. Niches if you will. We aren't just Fashion. We aren't just foodies. We may not be Mommy's. But we can do all 3 of those things and still not fit into one place. Are we in blog purgatory? A middle ground where people judge us and make us feel bad that we can't fit somewhere?

Most of the blogs I read are Lifestyle bloggers. They blog about things that make me laugh. They make me cry. They even inspire me to do something better. It doesn't bother me that I have no freaking clue what they may post next. There is no schedule. It just comes from within. Why is that such a bad thing? Why must we be something specific?

I WON'T be a fashion blogger because I don't like clothes that much. I get bored looking at clothes over and over again. I WON'T be a food blogger because I would just get fat. I have no restraint when it comes to delicious food. I CAN'T be a mommy blogger because I don't have children yet. This doesn't mean I COULDN'T be good at those things.

Adventures and change are just around the corner. That is the beauty of  life. This is where I belong. 

I am categorized as Lifestyle. I am going to define MY Lifestyle. This Fall. Stick around.