New address!

It's Friday, and I have some exciting news! I FINALLY purchased my domain name! I have been kicking around the idea for awhile, not sure if I was invested enough in my writing to purchase the domain. Then I got thinking, WHY NOT?! It doesn't cost all that much to have it, and now I can finally feel professional with my blog.  I enjoy this space and connecting with all you wonderful folks!

Now that I got that done, a revamp is next. I feel like since I have really found my direction, it's time my design reflects that.  Look for a fresh new look soon! This is the month for changes! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Update your favorites. My new web address is:


  1. Isn't that the BEST feeling in the world?! I totally felt like a legit blogger when I finally got my domain all set up.

  2. Yay! Let me know if all goes smoothly with switching on Bloglovin'.

  3. Congratulations Trish! Isn't that such an awesome feeling?! It's not a temporary dwelling... it's a permanent residence!