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The September That Never Ends

Tuesday sounds like a good time to talk about life updates right?

I had every intention of setting goals for September. I figured things would slow down as Summer was winding down. Man was I wrong.

Labor Day weekend turned into a very busy couple of days that wasn't planned for. I agreed last minute to house/dog sit.. so Friday and Saturday I made myself available for the dogs. We also had a birthday party on Saturday that we juggled in.

I had intended to relax those days as Sunday was my big drive down towards North Carolina for my girls vacation. I left my house at 730 am, picked up my friend at 930 am and we drove and drove. It was just after 8pm when we got to our hotel for the night. Long day.

We drove a few more hours Monday making a few stops along the way before arriving at our destination at 2pm.

We had a full day of relaxation on Tuesday but decided to start our drive home early. We drove 4 hours Tuesday night to get a head start.

Wednesday we drove the rest of the way home. I got home at about 8pm. Another long day.

I went back to work Thursday and Friday. Had to make another longer drive Saturday to attend a funeral. Again we left the house at 830 am and didn't get home until 1030pm.

I can't even remember what Sunday looked like at this point.

Another full week of work that seemed stressful and I didn't feel good. My body was tired and run down. Saturday was busy again. Teaching, apple picking, and celebrating a friends birthday. I was in bed by 1030pm exhausted.

So here we are at Tuesday, September 19th and I am kind of starting to slow down. Maybe just a bit. I don't see anything on my calendar for this weekend and I'm crossing my fingers that I didn't miss something.

Also, maybe I'll get a chance to write up a few posts that I have planned out. Trip details and my 5/5 Stitch Fix review.

How's your September going?

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Little Updates

I had every intention of posting something else today, but my kidney stone, Cal had different plans. Yes I named my kidney stone. I mean It is something that is giving me all kinds of problems, so it should have a name. Like a hurricane or snowstorm.

Anywho.. What I had planned today was my Spring reading list. I have so many books laying around that it is time to get reading. The Spring book sale is coming up and I really need to put a dent in these stacks I have before buying more.

I think I have about 6 I am going to actively try to get done by June. This may be upped as I get through the books.

I am excited for all of them so they should go fast.

Check back tomorrow for my reading list.

Happy Wednesday!

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Goal Updates

It's that time again.. time to see what I did and did not accomplish in August for goals and what to expect as goals for September. Let me take you back..

I planned to use August as a month of forgiveness and letting things go. That didn't happen as much as I anticipated, but that doesn't mean I haven't put some stuff into place for next month to make it better.

I set a goal to sponsor 3 blogs. I didn't exactly do that. I have been hanging out over on Anne's sidebar this month and will be gracing Christine's in a few weeks. I suppose 2 out 3 ain't bad right? I will strive for more in the Fall for sure!

I vowed to pin more.. well that kinda sorta happened cause ya'll I got engaged!  (see what I did there?) I need to start pinning all those amazing wedding ideas right?  Are you following me on Pinterest by the way? If not, why not?!

I talked about my upcoming series.. Which is still in the works as well as a new series so I'd say I nailed this one. Stay tuned this fall for some fun new series and collaborations!

Last but certainly not least I was going to use my media kit more often. I am happy to say even though I did not use it as much as I anticipated to, I did have a an opportunity come my way because of it. So I'd say that is a win as well.

Now lets take a look at what September has in store..

First and foremost the Blog Staycation is back for the Fall! If you are unfamiliar with the staycation; it is a 4 day online blogging event that helps connect you with the blogging community as well as helps you to grow your blog. This will be our third event and it has been a success each time! Go check out the announcement page and get all the deets!  Go now!

To start off September, I always set a theme to go along with my Happiness Project. This is part of my personal growth goals which I feel are just as important as monthly goals. This month I have chosen self improvement as my theme. Because last month I failed at my forgiveness goal, I want to continue to work to get past some of those hard things and let them all go. I want to start September with a clean slate to enjoy the magic that Fall brings. Now onto my monthly goals:
  • Start a journal. If you read my blog on Friday you would see I talked about starting to journal. Not only for self improvement but to also improve my writing. I would need an interactive journal as I would not be able to commit myself to a blank journal. I am planning once I receive the journal to spend some time with it each night, helping me focus on writing more down. Wish me luck!
  •  Next up is collaboration. I really would like to collaborate more in the blogging community and pull myself out of the slump I feel like I have been in. I have a really great idea for October and would love to share it with 2 or 3 others for lots of blog love! If you're interested in collaborating please shoot me an e-mail!
  • Continue to use Pinterest and grow my following. I am starting to pin more with the upcoming wedding whirlwind so I am hoping I will pin more this Fall as a whole. If you  have any tips please send them my way!
  •  Reach 10,000 monthly page views. I know this one seems very hard but I am SO close I can taste it! I suppose if I had did more with getting myself our there and sponsoring more blogs I could have already achieved that. Minor details right?
  • Blog planning. I think this seems to be my biggest problem lately with getting quality stuff posted. I always feel like I am rushing to get stuff done once my work day ends. If I could sit down 1 or 2 nights a week and plan better I think I could completely cut down the frantic moments I have in the evenings before I plan to post something. We shall see. 
So there you have it. I have a lot of my plate for September but I'll be damned if I don't make it work. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

What's your September looking like?

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New address!

It's Friday, and I have some exciting news! I FINALLY purchased my domain name! I have been kicking around the idea for awhile, not sure if I was invested enough in my writing to purchase the domain. Then I got thinking, WHY NOT?! It doesn't cost all that much to have it, and now I can finally feel professional with my blog.  I enjoy this space and connecting with all you wonderful folks!

Now that I got that done, a revamp is next. I feel like since I have really found my direction, it's time my design reflects that.  Look for a fresh new look soon! This is the month for changes! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Update your favorites. My new web address is:


I am sitting here watching a movie that I rented from Red Box.. and I already don't know what it is I'm watching. That kind of bugs me when the movie just bombs so quickly I turned to blogging instead, using the movie as background noise. Anywho, that is not what this post is about. The end of August is quickly approaching and that also means this weekend is a 3 day holiday. I just returned from a vacation and I am still not quite back on track with my usual schedule. Because I was just away I am using this long weekend to catch up here, and to relax. So today I wanted to talk to you all about what's going on in September.

First, I want to mention I am hanging out on 2 sidebars in September. You can catch me over at Becoming Adorrable and Helene In Between So excited to be sponsoring those ladies! Some of my favorites reads come from them! I also just finished up sponsoring The Grits Blog, which I recommend 100%! I am not sure I would ever be able to offer sponsorships on my blog due to my life full plate, so I give these ladies credit!

Also equally important: Starting September 1st I am going to be working more on my Facebook page. Please do me a favor and like my page! Much appreciation!

Next up, I am starting a new mini series on Monday (Yes as in Labor Day). I am so excited to bring you all some great new content with the help of a few lovely blogging ladies. Stick around for some fun and good laughs! This series will run through the second week of October.

I just wrapped up Blog Staycation 2014. That was such a fun and educating experience. I really enjoyed collaborating with other bloggers, and these ladies really were awesome to work with. I learned so much about hosting an event, as well as time management. We are hoping to do another one of these soon, so I hope to see more friendly faces next time around!

So there you have it. Updates and goals for next month! Happy Friday everyone!

Weekly Wrap

Hey loves! Sorry I have been a little MIA this week. It has been one of those crazy weeks where anything that could of went awry did. I started training my replacement so I can move on to my new position.

  • I started the week off reviewing some pretty great organic beauty products! I am a fan, and I'm sure you will love them to! Check it out if you are looking for some new healthy products for your skin.
  • I just wrapped up a month hanging out on The Gits Blog where I guest posted on Tuesday. I really wanted to do the 5 photos that make me feel beautiful challenge, so I did it!. I had a great stay and would recommend her sponsorship to anyone looking to try one out. She was very helpful and answers all my questions promptly. She gave my blog some nice exposure and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
  •  I had a lot of guest posts this week, which helped out a lot with my crazy week. My new blogging buddy Trish (Us Trish girl stick together!) over at Beyond the Khaki Pants asked me to guest post while she was on a much needed Hawaiian vacation. I posted about the transition aftermath of accepting a promotion in the workplace. I am so proud of that one! Please stop by and say Hello to Trish and check out that post!
  • Now just as one sponsorship is ending, I also started a new sponsorship this week over at Becoming Adorrable. I am so excited to be hanging out over there and can't wait to give you all the fun details when my time is up! 
  • Blog Staycation 2014 is right around the corner and I want to use this moment to remind you all to get signed up! We have a lot of stuff planned to help you get yourself organized and ready for a fall full of blogging! It will be a good time and lots of learning! Hope to see you there!
I hope you all had an amazing week and even better weekend! See you back here on Monday, where things start to get even more hectic!

Special Day!

Today is a special day: it is not only my Mom's birthday, I am also being featured over at The Grits Blog! Run on over and check out my guest post on 5 Pictures That Make Me Feel Beautiful! I have been wanting to do that challenge forever now, so what better time than now?

I am also starting my first day of training my replacement so I can move on over to my NEW position! You heard it right, I have been promoted! So excited to start something new in my career. I posted back a few weeks ago on how awkward it can be to go through an internal interview. (You should read it, it's funny!). It paid off in the end and now I am moving on up!

So far this week is looking up! Lots of exciting content coming up for the rest of August. I hope you will all stick around to experience it all! In the meantime if you are not following me on Twitter or Instagram, you are missing out folks! I love to post daily inspiration and humor on Twitter, as well as update you on this space here. On Instagram, ANYTHING goes! I love to take spur of the moment photos of things. You never know what will show up next! I have kind of given up on Facebook, anyone have any tips on making it work?

Anyways have a great Tuesday everyone!


Hello there fellow readers. Thank you for stopping by on this beautiful Friday! Now if you are a regular reader you know I normally post a fitness post today... However you will not be reading about fitness today. if you follow me on Twitter (You don't? What are you waiting for! Follow me now!) you would know I have been having a lot of moments in my life where I have realized things need to change. That also includes my blog. Hold up! Before you ask, I am not going anywhere. I am just planning to work harder on my space on the internet. I want to bring more fun and insight to you all. I want to make this blog a place where you want to come back and read day after day.. I know what you are thinking.. That's what they all say! You have my promise I am going to work harder and make this place better for all of you.

  • The first thing I am going to do in effort to clean this place up and get fresh new ideas rolling, is co-host as well as participate in the first annual Blog Staycation! If you are unfamiliar, you must check it out! It is going to be fun, informative and there will be surprises! Who doesn't love surprises?
  • The second thing I am going to do is become more involved with my readers and other bloggers. I love to see what everyone is up to. Projects, vacations, fun events.. You name it, I want to read about it! I am always looking for new people to collaborate with. If you want to collaborate or need help with an event please feel free to email me!
  •  The last thing I am going to do (Well not really... This is always going to be a work in progress..) is clean things up on here, I am going to link things together that need to be together. Get a little more organized so you guys can find what you are looking for with ease. I hate a blog where I can't find things, and I know my blog has become that blog! Yikes!
I hope you will join me on this journey. I enjoy coming on here everyday and seeing all of your comments and posts. It makes me so happy to be apart of the blogosphere. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!

Are you making any changes in your life? How do you deal with change? Share with me in the comments!