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Oh Maine! (Picture Heavy)

I was out of town last week on a mini Vacation. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you got to see a glimpse of my trip. Instead of posting a long drawn out post on it, I am just going to leave you with a picture story of my time in Maine!

Because, Blueberry! Duh
I loved this! I want to start one in my city!

There is always a light house to see in Maine. So pretty!

Sunsets were GORGEOUS!
You CAN'T go to Maine and not eat Lobstah! (And beer apparently)

Spend a few hours on Campobello Island in Canada. Visited the Roosevelt Cottage. So PRETTY!

This pool was AMAZING!

That about sums up my trip to Maine. I visited 4 destinations on my 4 day trip. I started it in Portland, then headed up to Lubec, which is a little fishing town on the eastern most point in the US. We headed into New Brunswick, Canada and onto Campobello Island.  (This was only across the bay, a 10 minute drive from Lubec. We then spent our last night in Bar Harbor. I think I spend about 25 - 30 hours in the car over the course of 4 days. NOT FUN! 

Maine has such beautiful landscape, its no wonder their license plates say "Vacationland" on them. I would recommend visiting, but not traveling around so much! Pick one place and enjoy it. 

I  hope you all enjoyed some of my vacation pics! Happy Thursday!

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