Happy December!

Oh my word.. It's December 1st folks! I am so excited to finally make it to December. Not because it's the holidays, but because this is the month of my birthday! I graced the world with my presence on December 31st as a New Years Eve baby! Now don't go asking my mom why she didn't hold out to bring in the first baby of the new year. It will probably result in bodily harm since A. She gets asked that ALL the time and B. She was already in labor with me 26 HOURS when I decided to come out at 2:39 IN THE AFTERNOON. There was NO WAY she was ever going to hold off another 9 1/2 hours to deliver me.

So now that you have heard the story of why I am not a new years baby, I wanted to announce that this month I will host my first ever giveaway on this site. I will go into more detail of that as we get into the month. I want to host something that ends on the 31st, when it will be considered a party! If you have any interest in helping me host my birthday party, e-mail me! I am still kicking around some ideas, but I want to make it a fun and exciting giveaway/celebration.

Now that I got the exciting part posted, I need to talk about the fact that I completely neglected promoting my blog last week. With Thanksgiving and all the crazy that came with it, I completely let me blog down. I wrote some pretty great posts, and yet not many people saw them. So I want to give them all the love they all deserve and promote the heck out of them this week!

First up: Who doesn't love a good gift card? Not only do they make good gifts, there are so many other useful things you can do with them. Check them out here---> The Magic of Giftcards

Next up: Check your body image at the door this holiday season. Reasons why you can still indulge on the holiday and not completely ruin your hard work: Body Image (A little rant)
Last, but certainly not least: Do you consider yourself an Influenster? Blogging comes with some big shoes to fill, so why not influence in positive ways: Find out why I am an Influesnter and how you can be too!

So there you have it folks. December is going to be an awesome month, and I'm starting you off with some pretty awesome posts. I hope you have a great week!


  1. I'm a Christmas baby, we're only a week apart! Looking forward to what you have planned this month!

  2. Its so hard to celebrate during the holidays but I'm sure gonna try!