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All About the Weekend Vol 3.

I know it's not technically Monday, but yesterday was a holiday, so Tuesday is the new Monday? I mean technically it doesn't make a difference to me as I'm on maternity leave and every day is a weekend to me... sort of.

So even though I didn't have plans per say this weekend, it turned into a pretty busy couple of days.

On Saturday I cleaned the house. It desperately needed a vacuum and a mop. I swear having cats makes it seem like you never clean your house. Literally an hour after vacuuming there was litter everywhere again. We also went food shopping which was also pretty needed.

Sunday I got motivated enough to go through a large stack of magazines that has been taking over one of my book shelves. There were magazines dating back to 2016 still in plastic. I sorted them by name and then sorted them by month and year.

I literally have 5 or 6 different magazines that just show up at my house. I don't pay for any of them and they are in my name. This has been happening to my parents house for years. Magazines showing up in my name that I didn't order. I haven't lived there in almost 7 years and they still get magazines in my name. They have finally found me here in my new home as I have started receiving magazines last year.

I spend a good portion of Saturday going through and reading the Real Simple magazines cover to cover. I treated it as a self care item that kept me off my phone all day. I even took notes on things I wanted to remember and wrote down websites I wanted to visit.  It was a very soothing exercise for me.

On Sunday night I went to the gym for the first time since having Baby Bloob. It was a very surreal moment for me. It doesn't help that my gym got all new machines and things were all moved and not familiar to me. I had to look for things and that made going back a little harder. I took it easy as I have not been cleared yet from my doctor. I just did 30 minutes on the treadmill. The trip was mainly for stress relief and that was nice.

 After the gym I experimented with making Turmeric Lemonade. I wanted to try something new. I let it sit overnight and served the 2 glasses to R and I on Monday as we were cleaning up and putting up our deck canopy. It was very hot and the drink was very refreshing. I added some of my fresh mint to garnish. It was delish!

We had friends over for food and conversation on Monday afternoon and then it was clean up and relaxing until bed. Baby Bloob went down easy to bed and we got cleaned up and I read my magazines. Even though it was very busy in a sense, I found it all very relaxing too. We have a clean house. We got to visit with friends. And I have found something to pass my time that keeps me from living on my phone.

It's all a win.

How was your (three day) weekend?


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What's up, Weekend? 4/14

Today I am linking up with Charlotte, Lindsay, and Chrissy.

I am so grateful to have found these ladies and their group, The Peaceful Posse. It is such a warm and welcoming space. I love that about the blogging world. Find a tribe that will help you along when you are feeling defeated. I can honestly say I am blogging more regularly due to this group.

So onto this week and weekend.. I am off today. My first time having a job where today is considered a holiday. It is really nice to have a day to recharge. It's been a crazy few weeks. I am spending today working on my yoga homework and having some "me" time. It is wonderful.

I am also working on some projects for this blog, which also excites me. I am so glad to have this space back. It makes me feel productive and like I am doing something for me and those who read this.

This weekend I will be immersed in my yoga training. I am only 2 trainings away from being a teacher ya'll! That is so crazy to think about. I can't wait to have this under my belt and ready to reach the world. I am also working on some projects related to that. I am hoping you all will enjoy learning some of this wellbeing magic I have learned.

I am not doing much for Easter other than yoga and dinner with my hubs. It will be low key. Just what I need. Some R & R. What are your plans?

Today is absolutely beautiful out. I am sitting here typing this on my back deck. The sun is shining on me. My cats are getting some nice play time outside and there isn't a cloud in the sky. A perfect way to spend a day off. I am so grateful for this kind of weather. It really makes the mood lift.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Easter and Passover.

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Thanksgiving Eve + Announcement!

How in the world did it become Wednesday already? I am so not ready for Thanksgiving yet! Are you?
So much to do before the family is upon us. Do you cook or do you go to someone else's house? This year is our turn to do the cooking so we will be cooking our little hearts out starting tonight. Trying some new things this year due to my new found allergies to dairy. Should be an interesting day!

Anyways... Enough blabbering from me. Today I wanted to make an announcement. Seeing how it is that time of year again.. I thought I would bring back.. wait for it... 

The Holiday Tea Swap!

I am so excited because I love drinking tea and who doesn't love a good holiday flavored cup of goodness to get you through? On Friday I will have the official sign up form. Sign ups will be open for a week and you will get your buddies on December 5th. All packages are going to be due to be sent by December 16th. 

I will get into more details on Friday. But in the mean time start thinking about that you want to buy! I love trying new teas and this was a hit last year. Can't wait to see what everyone gets!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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Let's talk about tea baby! + Link up!

Hey there! I hope you all had a great Christmas and are still enjoying it through the weekend! Back at the end of November I came up with the great idea (At least I thought so) of hosting a holiday tea swap. I also said I was going to host a link up so everyone who participated could link up their goodies. I had 6 participants with me included and it looks like everyone including myself received their tea last week. I call that a success!

Today I want to show you what I received and let anyone who participated link up their goodies!
I was paired up with Kate over at The "Florkens". Kate sent me some of her favorite teas, and I am now a fan!

What I got:

Lipton Green Tea Super Fruit- This stuff is AH-MAZ-ING! I don't know how she knew I loved fruity teas, but this sure did it!

Stash Ginger Peach Green Tea - I am normally not a fan of Stash teas but I really liked the flavor to this one. I may have to buy a box.

Peppermint Tea- Like Kate said, you can't have winter tea without a peppermint tea! She is absolutely right!

Tazo Berry Blossom White - I tried this one first. Kate drinks this one before bed. I see why! It was so yummy and relaxing!

I am so pleased at how my first swap turned out! I plan to do a few more swaps this year so stay tuned!

Now while we are still on the subject of tea, I also want to talk about another favorite that I have been sipping lately. Celestial Seasoning makes a yummy holiday tea called Candy Cane Lane Green tea and it is perfect! I was super thrilled when I opened up my Influenster Frosty VoxBox and saw another sample of this amazing goodness.

 If you haven't tried this and you are a peppermint fan, you are missing out! Get going and try it today! Now if you participated in the tea swap link up your posts about what you got! If you didn't participate in the swap link up your posts about tea!

Swap Time! + Holiday Giveaway!

Hello there lovelies! Its Monday, Thanksgiving is next week and I'm finally starting to feel the holiday bug. It's been cold out, and we even saw our first snowfall up here in the north. One of the things that really gets me prepared for all the cold days is a nice cup of tea. I am kind of a sucker for holiday teas.All of the aromas of spices just makes me warm to the core. Thinking about all of the options out there I thought, there has got to be some I never tried because they don't carry them in my area. And like that the Holiday Tea Swap was born! This will be a fun way to swap and try new teas as well as make a new friend. Send a cute holiday card along with some of your favorite teas and viola! All of your tea wishes are met!

Here are the deets:


~ Sign ups start today and will run through November 30th. I will randomly draw a name for everyone (You may not get the same person you are sending to) and notify you on December 1st.

~ Please send a minimum of 3 teas to your swap buddy. This is meant to be a swap to experiment with new teas so I am not asking you to send boxes of tea. Just send a few new teas for your buddy to try out.

~Because you are not sending out boxes of teas this should be easy to get shipped out. Please have your teas send out no later than December 10th.

~I will add a link up for everyone to link up a blog post about their swap so we can all see what everyone got to sample! This linkup will go live on Monday December 22nd.

~You do not need to be a blogger to participate and this is open internationally!

I really hope you will participate! This is going to be so much fun!




I am also apart of a wonderful giveaway this week! What better way to get in the mood for the holidays then to win some CASH?! Here's your chance. Enter below. I will also be posting ANOTHER giveaway I am apart of tomorrow because silly me didn't realize both of these giveaways would be happening the same week! Lots of fun ahead! See you tomorrow!

Ruffles and Rain Boots Motherhood and Beyond Our Poole House Leapfrog and Lipgloss Jordans Onion The Deliberate Mom French Robin Designs Girl on the Move The Trish List Coffee With Jamie JENerally Informed Image Map  Don't forget to visit the beautiful ladies who brought you this giveaway!

Jen of JENerally Informed ♥ | Jennifer The Deliberate Mom ♥ | Celeste of Leapfrog and Lipgloss ♥ | Julie of Girl On The Move ♥ | Lauren of Motherhood and Beyond ♥ | Sarah of Ruffles and Rain Boots ♥ | Tammi of French Robin Designs ♥ | Jordan of Jordan's Onion ♥ | Trish of The Trish List ♥ | Jamie of Coffee With Jamie ♥ | Holly of Our Poole House
  Ruffles and Rain Boots Motherhood and Beyond Our Poole House Leapfrog and Lipgloss Jordans Onion The Deliberate Mom French Robin Designs Girl on the Move The Trish List Coffee With Jamie JENerally Informed Image Map
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Could you do it?

Recently I have noticed a graphic being posted all over Facebook. It says: No Cellphone, No Facebook, No Computer Access, No Wifi. For 3 months and you get $3 Million dollars. Could you do this?


At first I thought heck yeah! I would love to disconnect for a few months and earn a cool $3 Million in peace and quiet. Then my blogging side screamed at me: WHAT?! How are you supposed to keep up your blog? Connect with people? Make your readers happy? My mind instantly snapped back to reality and remembered how much we all rely on technology and social media to stay connected. Once I was able to get my thoughts collected and together, I figured out how I could accomplish this AND keep up my blog... Now only if this challenge were real.. I'd have that money by Christmas!

First problem: No Cellphone. This one could be tough because I only have a cellphone as a telephone option. I also use my cellphone to connect to the internet to use social media. Only when you stop and think about this, do you realize how much you really are using your phone.

My solution: Sign up for a home phone. In emergencies this probably is a good thing to have on hand. My current internet provider has a phone number all set up for me already, and once I decide to go that route, the cost really isn't that much.

Second problem: No Facebook. This one is easy for me. I only really use facebook to look at other peoples photos and upload my own. My blog's Facebook has not had much success and with all the changes Facebook keeps throwing at us. I may stop using it anyways! Twitter is the way to go for my blog's sake!

My solution: Pick up the phone. Yeah that real phone that you have (Or have to hook up). Call the people you want to stay in touch with. Want to share photos? Write letters! I love to write and receive letters! It is much more personal and something better in your mailbox than JUNK! If you are interested in becoming pen pals, email me! (Serious inquiries only!)

Third problem: No Computer Access. This one is another tough one, especially as a blogger. We need our computers to bring content to the interwebs. We use our computers to interact with people which includes commenting and messaging other bloggers. We do research. All kinds of stuff just to bring you, the reader great content.

My solution:
This solution has 2 parts because I feel this one is the hardest to give up as a blogger.

Part 1
 Lets assume you have a start date that is at minimum a week away. Lets also assume you have been blogging for more than 90 days. You now have 90 days where you will not be able to access your computer. This is where you get stealthy.  Check your stats. See which posts could use some lovin'. Get yourself set up with a program like Hootsuite or Twuffer. Pre-schedule your tweets and Facebook posts through the 90 days you will be absent. All of those posts will now be getting exposure while you are sitting around relaxing with a cocktail.  Next write as many blog posts as you can and pre-schedule those posts and social media mentions. Now for me, I only blog 3 days a week so I only need about 36 posts to share. That seems like a lot, but once you get your archives out there you may cut down your new posts by half.

Part 2
As bloggers we need to interact with our readers and other bloggers. You can still interact with your readers by posting questions in your blog posts. You will also have to post a disclaimer that you will be away and ALL of their questions and comments will be answers as soon as you are back. Now as far as commenting on other bloggers pages, this is where you ask for forgiveness ahead of time. I would lead off with a post explaining the challenge you are taking as well as your plan for the next 90 days. People will see how much work and effort you put into scheduling content so your blog doesn't end up stagnant. If they can't appreciate it, maybe they weren't really that great a blogger friend to begin with!

Fourth Problem: No WiFi, This would not be a problem at all being you are already giving up your cellphone and computer access.

Solution: None. You have already solved all of the problems that would need WiFi in the previous problems.

Now I understand this sounds completely ridiculous, but think about how much money you would get at the end. You would put the work in, and be rewarded 3 Million big ones at the end. The least you can do is comment and reply to everyone who left messages while you were away :)

*Quick Tip* You can also use some of these solutions if you are going to be away on a vacation or extended holiday. I pre-schedule tweets a lot when this happens, as well as posts. It helps take away the stress of doing it last minute before you go away.

So what do you think? Could you give up all of these things for 3 months? What would your solutions be for this? If you write about it please come back and share with me!