Sunday Snaps: Flash Giveaway!

Yay! We made it back to Daylight Savings Time! Did everyone survive losing that 1 hour of sleep last night? I promise, even though it is rough today, it is worth it to come home from work and still have a few hours of light everyday. Anywho, today I wanted to give you a quick weekly update.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life currently. We all have those dreams. Some are more long term and some pop up at specific times in your life. For me the signs keep pointing to yes lately with one of my dreams.

On Tuesday I got my tax refund money so I decided to write a list of useful things to spend your return on. You might be surprised of things out there that you can spend your money on that won't feel like an impulse buy. I even surprised myself a little.

I have been keeping with my goal of working out 6 days a week. I went to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I went to my yoga class on Thursday. Saturday I walked 5 miles at the outdoor outlets, and today I am headed out for a hike. It makes me feel so much better about myself when I keep active.

On Thursday in my yoga class I had a revelation. We were learning about the Humble Warrior and how it reminds us about humility. I have been having a tough time with my feelings lately. This pose reminded me that I need to take a step back in tough situations in order to protect myself and clear my head. The class was amazing. I felt so full of life and energetic.

On Saturday R and I met with our wedding coordinator and chef at our venue. We set our menu and went over some logistics. And of course there was some wine. Okay maybe a lot of wine. Perks of getting married at a winery. I feel really good about all of our decisions. Our wedding is going to be a great time for all who attend.

We headed from the winery to the outlets where I really enjoy shopping end of season sales at amazing discounts. I left with 4 new sweaters and a pair of sneakers for under $60. Can't beat that at all.

Now let me get back to my list of things to spend your refund on. I sent out a tweet on Friday about a possible giveaway coming.. this is going to be a flash giveaway of sorts.. I ended up fulfilling one of these ideas on Wednesday. I purchased something for me...

Flash Giveaway Rules

I listed 10 useful items to spend your tax refund on on Wednesday. To enter the flash giveaway you need to tell me in the comments which item you believe I bought for myself. I also would love to know which of those items you would use your tax money on as well. Winner must have shared what they would choose to spend their refund on as well.

I will enter all correct guesses into a drawing. I will pick one person at random. 

I will pick a winner for this giveaway on Tuesday evening and post the winner on Wednesday's blog post. Because this is a flash giveaway that is being entered in the comments you must be "present" to win. This means I will only post the winners name in the blog post. I will not be sending out an e-mail.  You must e-mail me within 48 hours of me announcing the winner. 

The winner will get a $20 gift card of your choice!

Good luck to all that enter!

Happy Sunday!

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