May Goals 2016

Let’s talk about goals. April was dedicated solely to finding balance with this blog and where I wanted to go with it. As I have mentioned already this week, this blog is now 2 years old and I am starting out fresh. 

May’s theme is ‘celebrate’. I want all of my goals to be light and fun. Nothing but laughter and happiness right?

So here’s what I want to accomplish:

  • Make lots of new pretty pictures for my posts (Isn't that photo I used up there by Helene In Between, beautiful?). I haven’t had a good photo shoot in a while. I will be away in Denver for 4 days starting this weekend so I am hoping for lots of photo ops.
  • Write a post every day to have a back log for those days when I forget to write something.It's always good to be prepared right?
  • Continue my yoga practice to keep my body light and happy. My body loves me for this. Now I just need to remind my brain.
  • Show you all what I'm made of and give you the amazing content I have been planning for over a year now. I want to do this and I can do this. May is my time!
  • It came to my attention yesterday that I am super close to hitting 100,000 page views. How awesome would it be if I hit that number this month? I am not setting this as a goal per say.. cause no pressure, but if you all wanted to ya know, help me out with this by sharing my blog and visiting as often as you can, I wouldn't hate it ;)
So what do you guys have on your plates this month? Any amazing goals to shatter? I think I'm gonna knock mine out of the park!

*The Trish List fun fact # 2: This blog started off as a once a week review blog in February 2014. I started blogging about all of the freebies I got int he mail. It then grew to a lifestyle blog by May when I decided I wanted to write about more than just products.

*Keep track of these facts.. there just might be a quiz.. which means.. giveaway in my world :)

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