If only I were a Youtuber...

Sometimes I think I should be a youtuber who drives around in my car and talks to you all. We'd have amazing conversations about life, important topics, and of course some powerful car karaoke sessions. Then I remember I don't like to be on camera and I probably wouldn't sound as good as I think I sound when I'm driving around talking to myself.

It was a great thought, but honestly I have some of the best thoughts and ideas when I'm driving. I talk out loud and sometimes record what I want to say here. Problem is, is sometimes saying it out loud and then writing it down don't sound the same to me. I know, I'm weird.

Although being the youtuber would have been in my favor this week when it came to blogging because 1. I would have gotten more posted this week. 2. No photos to take. And 3. I think there would of been some great content out there. (Maybe ;)

For real through I'm glad it's Friday. I had some much planned this week for posts, but didn't get the time in to finish them. Posts were written, just no photos to go with them.

Life kind of fell in my lap this week and suddenly my original to-do list changed from blog stuff to wedding stuff that needed my attention immediately.

I am hoping for a nice sunny weekend where I can get those photos taken on top of the rest of my original to-do list.

But for real.. should I do a random YouTube video here once in awhile?

Stop back on Sunday to see my Sunday Snap. More updates on what's coming next week and a little peak into the tea party I attended last Sunday. Happy weekend!

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