It's gonna be May..

Happy Sunday and happy May! Whew we made it! I woke up to a very windy, rainy day which I was not thrilled to see, but we are that much closer to summer and that makes me happy.

Today's Sunday Snap is a special one. I have so many great things to talk about. For starters, 2 years ago I transitioned The Trish List over from a once a week review blog to a lifestyle blog. I moved my blog from Weebly to Blogger. I recognize May as my Blogiversary month and today The Trish List is 2!

I am planning to celebrate all month with some fun surprises and new topics. If you have kept up with the blog over the 2 years, first of all bless your heart and secondly you will know this space has changed a lot. You have seen me take time off and times when I was on fire. It's all apart of the gig. Bloggers work their tails off to produce content so you will want to come back to day after day.

For this reason I am also celebrating myself. I need to give myself come credit for coming back week after week to work on making this a better space. May is also Mental Health Awareness month and I am advocating you all take time out of your days as well for self care. Do something for yourself daily to make yourself matter first in your life.

I hope you stick with me this month, as I reminisce my 2 years of blogging and bring some new content. I have been working my tail off for weeks writing and planning to make sure you all get a taste of where The Trish List is headed. This is a great time to re-aquaint yourself with me or get to know me if you are a new reader.

Each week this month I will post some throw backs from the blog. These will include favorite posts and facts about me and the blog. I will throw in some surprises and even some gifts..

Stick with me and I promise you a good time! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Even though it is raining here today, we are expecting my parents and are headed to the wedding venue to wine taste.. I am getting married at a winery in case you didn't know! Make it a good day folks!

The Trish List Fact # 1: Today is my 340th post!

*Keep track of these facts.. there just might be a quiz.. which means.. giveaway in my world :)

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