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I am so fortunate to live in a community that loves to read. Every spring “The Friends of the Library” non-profit group puts on a massive book sale. They collect books all year and then sell them at cheap prices. It goes on for 3 weekends and each day the pricing goes down. The best day to go is the first day naturally but the pricing is more expensive.

I like to go and browse to see what they have, but tend to wait to the last days to buy when everything is super cheap. Yes this is a gamble, but I’ve still come away with some amazing books and barely any cost.

Last year I took my parents for the first time. My mom is a HUGE reader and she was in her glory. We looked for books in a series she had been reading and found a few books but not all of them. She decided to hold off because they were still pricey. I came back the last weekend and was able to get the rest of the series for her (It was about 7 books) for under $5.00.

This year I will not be around the opening weekend due to being in Denver (currently in transit to get home!), so I will have no choice but to pick through what’s left the 2nd weekend. I have already compiled my list of books I am looking for (I forgot to do this last year), and will take on the sale prepared. It gets so overwhelming that you forget what you originally came for. I tend to leave with 0 books I was looking for and a ton I just picked up.

Books bring me happiness these days. The sale this year will be like heaven and I will be like a kid in a candy store. Stay tuned to see what treasures I find.

Are you a reader? Does your city offer a booksale?

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