Things I am most excited for this summer:

Summer is creeping up on us very quickly. Are you ready?

I have never been so ready for the warm weather and fun activities that come with summer. I am especially excited that a lot of these activities will be a part of my job. Makes work fun.

So what is it exactly that I am excited for?

Well the first thing I am excited for is wearing shorts. Now I know that one seems a little silly, but I can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable enough with my body to wear shorts. I recently discovered the 5” inseam in shorts, and it has saved my life. Yep. Really has. It doesn’t make me feel like my legs are being squished into my shorts any longer. Best feeling ever!

I also bought a swimsuit for the first time in like 4 years. And I really like this one. I think the last suit I bought was because I needed one like ASAP and it was cheap. Well it really was cheap. I have had nothing but problems with is since I got it. I got to wear my new one in Colorado and it was awesome! In love. (I will post pictures soon!)

I have many events to attend and help plan this summer. This is one of my favorite things in the world. I love to plan. Planning parties have always been easy for me. That’s probably why House Party picks me so often for sponsored parties. I will be hosting a Folgers Brunch in 2 weeks. Can't wait to get some friends together for some yummy food and hot delicious coffee!

Graduations are upon us. I will be attending my best friends ceremony this weekend. I am so proud of her! It's been a long time coming and I couldn't be more excited for her!

The absolute best thing about this coming summer is, it's going with the flow. Most of  the wedding plans are planned. We don't have any major vacations or weddings to attend. No reunions or major get togethers. Just one quiet free flowing summer.

I'll report back in the fall to see how it actually went. But for now, I'm planning on a no frills, peaceful summer.

What's got you excited about the summer?

The Trish List Fun Fact #4: When I picked my blog name, I planned to do it in list style once a week to match the name. Maybe that will happen in the future..

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