Where have all the dreams gone?

Do children still have dreams? Do they still want to be firefighters or policemen? I can't remember the last time I was in the presence of a child that really had a dream. I often wonder if this is where the world is heading, or if this is just a little hiccup along the way. The children of today are way more concerned about social media and the latest electronic device, then what they want to do with their adult lives.

When I was 5 I wanted to be a dancer. When I was 10 I wanted to be just like my mom. When I got into middle school I wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to study the stars in the sky, not the stars on the tv. As I got into high school I wanted to be a photographer AND a scientist. I strived to take all of the classes I needed to be the best student for what I wanted to be.

Today I work in science AND take photos. I won't ever be a dancer, but I still enjoy doing it when no one is watching. I'd like to think I am more and more like my mom everyday, even though I do not have any children of my own yet. My dreams to a point did come true. I feel like I lived up to the expectations of my childhood dreams. Not because I felt I had to; because I wanted to.

I recently caught up with a friend who is a school teacher. She said the lack of enthusiasm of her students is really starting to become a problem. They do not want to do the work, but expect to get the good grade. They want to spend all of their time socializing on their phones rather then taking notes in class. Does this make anyone else sad? Where has the innocence and magic of our children gone? Where did all this entitlement come from?

Did you have a dream as a child? What was it? Help bring the magic back into the children's lives.

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  1. I don't know if I agree with this statement. When I was a kid, I sometimes wanted to be an artist, and I sometimes wanted grown ups to stop asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up so I could focus on my mud pies and troll dolls. So yes, my goddaughter spends a lot of time on her tablet and watching tv; but she also enjoys art and crafts, loves horses, has certain classes that she likes better than others, and says she wants to be a doctor one day. Is she really any different than we were as kids? She just has different toys to play with. And not having social media didn't mean I didn't spend the same amount of time as a teenager completely fixated on what other people thought of me.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. Maybe it is just the kids I interact with daily. They have no dreams. They wish for someone to take care of them forever and to me that has become sad. I have witnessed argument after argument of these kids not wanting any hobbies other then to sit online all day. I think they need a little variety in their daily activities sometimes.