My 2015 Personal Goals

Everyone has been writing out their goals for 2015. I am going to be one of those people, only turning my goals into new routines. I have left my old routine at the 2014 door, stepping through into my new goals for my 2015 routine. Yesterday I wrote about 2 goals specifically for my blog. I focused on organization and growth. To read more about what I am planning for my blog specific goals, click here.

As I read through all of the goals and resolutions people are setting, I often wonder if they are all attainable. Do we set ourselves up for failure? I certainly hope we don't but sometimes the goals we set for ourselves are higher then we can achieve in 1 year. 2014 was a real eye opener for me. If I had to choose a word for 2014 it would be Discovery. I learned and discovered a lot about myself. I learned what really makes me tick, how I handle tough situations, and what it really feels like to be in love. 

2014 also brought me new friends, a promotion, and stress induced depression. I got the good and the ugly. Because of all of these things, I really saw the things I needed to change to make my life happy and healthy again. These changes are what my goals for 2015 are going to be based around. The word I am going to pick to describe 2015 is Rejuvenate.

The first goal I am putting into play is a Happiness Project. I read the book by Gretchen Rubin in December and I really related to some of the issues she brought up in her book. For the month of January I am going to be focusing on R & R (Re-focus and Relaxing). This monthly goal will help me cross off joining a class or group, which I have wanted to do for years now.

The second goal I want to achieve this year is to write every day. Even if it is not on this blog, I want to set time at least 30 minutes a day to write down my thoughts. I recently purchased the book 642 Things to Write About. I was so excited to see it in my pile of mail after being away for 5 days. I had a little moment of disappointment when I realized I purchased the "young writer's edition", but got over it when I flipped through it to see some pretty fun topics.

 My next goal is to read more. I am currently participating in a Winter Reading Challenge and it really got me back into reading. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to get lost in a book for hours. My new library card isn't helping either. I keep checking out more then I can read! Oops! The goal is to read 50 new books in 2015. Wish me luck!

I want to set some mental health goals this year as well. The reading and the writing will help with that, but I also want to also make sure I continue to exercise regularly, make "me" time,  breathe, and take mini vacations to get away when the stress is up. It is so important to make time for yourself, so 2015 will literally be "my" year!

When it comes to my blog, personally I want to expand my knowledge and meet more people. I will be working hard over the next week to get everything categorized correctly and cleaned up. I want to update my Start Here page with popular posts and a better intro. When you come to my page I want you to instantly know I got this covered! No more hot mess blank pages for this list!

Month by month I will post my monthly goals along with my Happiness Project goals and updates. I hope you will all follow along! It's going to be a great one! I can feel it. 

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  1. Your goals sound awesome! I think we could all use some time to just focus on ourselves and what makes us happy. And I haven't really set any blogging goals, but I would like to attend a conference or meetup, just to get the chance to meet some people.

    P.S. I love the script font in your new design! And your new home button!!! (Note to self - make a home button)

  2. i am so glad we connected because you are doing fantastic things for your goals in 2015! "rejuvenate" is a grand word and i love to hear about 'the happiness project' and the actions you are taking around full embodying that word! my word of the year is 'capable' as i start to get more comfortable running a business with my husband and owning my blog as a business/community too!

  3. The Happiness Project sounds great. I'll have to follow along with that. Since I work in a library I ma thrilled to see your library card getting some action! Woo hoo!! Off too check out the book you ordered now. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I loved this workbook, and I am so glad I got it on the day I had chosen
    to take off work and reorganize and reorientate myself for the rest of
    the year!