New Years Eve in Nashville!

Happy Saturday friends! It has been a week since I got back from my mystery birthday bucket list cross off. Man say that sentence 10 times fast! As you can read in the title of this blog, I was in NASHVILLE, TN. Me and my other half boarded a plane at 5:30am and were wisked away to Louisville, KY. Yeah you read that right. The good new is, we were supposed to land here. The bad new; IT WAS COLD AS HECK! I thought we were supposed to be in the south, or at least more south then New York.

We proceeded to rent a car and head on our way. Fun facts on why we flew into Kentucky: A. It was butt loads cheaper B. We have a work location in Louisville and I have family there; so we got to visit peeps we knew and C. Nashville is only 2.5 hours away. We stopped in and visited our Kentucky co-workers and headed to Nashville.


Now I have never been to Nashville, so I wasn't 100% sure on what to expect. On first impression I thought it was SUPER tiny. I didn't realize how small the city is. It was really easy to navigate even with all of the road closures do to construction and that night's big NYE bash. Our hotel was located only 2 blocks from Broadway where all the festivities were. Gold star for the other half! We checked in and got these fun festive cake pops and "Happy New Years" necklaces. I was going to sport these babies ALL NIGHT LONG. Yes I am a teenage girl in a 32 year old's body.

 We got all settled in and went out to see what this city and it's party was all about. I will tell you, it did not disappoint.

So there you have it. That's how I spent my new years in Nashville! I unfortunately did not get any photos of the performers (Gavin Degraw, Lady Antebellum, Chip Eston) because it was way to crowded for any great photos plus I was afraid of breaking my camera. That also goes for the amazing fireworks they shot off. I suppose you get the experience or the photos. I chose the experience all the way!

P.S there was PLENTY of Jack to pass around at this party ;)

I am thinking about doing a new link up on Saturday's. It will be called "Wanderlust Staycation". It will allow you to link up posts to places you have visited or places you want to visit. Give all the readers a place to escape to every weekend. Give me your thoughts on this. I really think it would be fun! I love to read about other peoples vacations and trips. They give me new places I want to see. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

*Disclaimer: Please do not use my photos as your own. I don't like having to plaster my name all over them. All photos are my property and may not be used without written permission from me.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic time! And I apparently am also a teenage girl in a 32 year old's body because if I had seen those necklaces I would also have been wearing one all night! (Even though I spent NYE in my living room.)

  2. I live in Lexington, which is abut an hour east of Louisville, and it has been COLD! It sounds like you had an awesome NYE! Also, your linkup sounds fun!


  3. It was so much fun! Would love to visit again. I am working on getting the linkup set up. Hoping people find it fun!