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Hello beautiful people! I am so excited for today's post. It is also Friday so that helps immensely! Today I want to talk about something that I have become passionate about over the past month. When I feel passion for something I want to share it with the world. It's a good thing I have a blog right?

Back in December an acquaintance of mine messaged me about a product she had been using and thought I would get great benefit from. It's no secret that the second part of 2014 was rough for me. I entered into a stressed induced depression. I had no energy, my face was breaking out and I reached for every cookie, cake, pasta, candy, or any other unhealthy item that could fit in my mouth. I wanted them ALL in my belly! Needless to say they all got in my belly, and I packed on the pounds.
The THRIVE Experience is a 3 step, 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels. So in simple terms: This means it will help if you are feeling sluggish, having mind fog, needing to lose weight, or just all around want to feel better in life.

Like you, reading this now, I was like "Uhh I don't think I want to try your product so stop bothering me!" Well needless to say she finally got me to agree to a 4 day trial. I paid her $15 and my pack arrived. I paid for it so I was committed to trying this out. It sat for a few days before I was ready.

My pack included The capsules, shakes, and patches for 4 days. Now to use these products you take your capsules first thing "before your feet hit the floor". You want to take them on an empty stomach. 20 minutes later (Or long enough to take a shower in my case) you have a shake. Once the shake is depleted you put on your DFT patch. You wear your patch for 24 hours and repeat all steps the next morning. That's IT! You continue your day normally.

I didn't notice much on my first day, which is pretty common. On my second day I noticed it wasn't as hard to get up. I didn't hit the snooze button 400 times. By my 4th day I was feeling pretty amazing. These products are packed with vitamins. Especially B vitamins. And you know if you are lacking in the B vitamins you tend to be depressed or anxious. I was tested before taking Thrive and I was Vitamin B deficient. My count was REALLY low. Now I am doing better then ever! So much energy, my belly is FINALLY shrinking and my moods are great. 

SO when asking what is Thrive and what does it do? Thrive is:
  • > Weight Management > Cognitive Performance
  • > Digestive & Immune Support > Joint Support
  • > Lean Muscle Support > Inflammation Support
  • > Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Support
Who is it for: EVERYONE- Tired moms, athletes wanting to improve their performance, the professional who is always on the go, college students who never get enough sleep. And now bloggers who need more energy to keep bringing great content! These are all Thrive customers making their day a little easier. 

Now here's the best part. You can promote Thrive. You can improve your health AND your wealth. Join as a promoter (It's 100% FREE) have 2 customers (Your 2 besties of course!) and your monthly Thrive is FREE!
Take a moment to learn more and I will give 2 readers a sample pack for FREE. Three ways to enter: Click on the link for all entries: The Thrive Experience

#1 (2 entries) Watch the video and answer this question in the comments below:

How much money on average does one save a day using Thrive?

#2 (5 entries) Sign up to be a customer or promoter. Remember it is FREE and you're not obligated to purchase anything. 

#3 (10 entries) Become a customer or promoter and place an order on autoship.

I will randomly select 2 winners to receive a 4 day trial for free!
If you are interested in a 4 day trial email me!
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