H54F- Up and Coming

We made it! It's Friday... And.. I have nothing prepared today for my post. So I got an idea as I was waking up this morning and ran with it. My High Five For Friday post will consist of 5 up and coming things on the blog. I have been brainstorming some new fresh ideas and I am excited to hear your opinions on them.

#1 I am planning an e-book reading challenge starting in March. The basic idea of this is to pick your books from all of the downloaded books you have already on your e-reader. I know I can't be the only one who hoards books! More about that as it gets closer, but I'd like to know if anyone has interest in this :)

#2 I have been seriously thinking about offering some sponsor options on my blog. It won't be anything big right away. Baby steps. I am still not 100% sure I can commit to having a bunch of sidebar spots, but I think I can certainly handle a weekend spot where I can promote all week for your weekend post. I think it's a good place to start. What do you all think?

#3 Me and Sarah over at Silly Incantations have been talking about teaming up and starting a wellness link up on Thursdays. It will be a place where you can link up what you are doing each week to get yourself motivated to make better choices for your wellness and fitness. I hope you will all come link up with us once we are up and running! More info to come as we get settled in!

#4 Speaking about teaming up, I am always happy to team up with peeps who want to start something. I have a lot of great ideas I would love to share with others to help bring some great content and fun to our blogs. If you ever want to team up please drop me an email.

#5 I have just recently started using Pinterest with my blog. I am still getting used to posting my pins to my own boards. I would love you forever if you would check me out from time to time and help me figure out this Pinterest journey!

So there ya have it! Lots of fun stuff coming up on the blog in the next few weeks!

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  1. I love the idea of the e-reader challenge. I am constantly getting books and not actually reading them! :)

    1. I think it will be a lot of fun! I will have more info in the next few weeks!

  2. Exciting ideas! Love the idea of the wellness link-up! I'm starting fresh on my fitness program on Monday and I know I'm going to need some motivation and encouragement! I will have to send you an email about teaming up, I don't know what I would want to do exactly but I've been thinking more and more about wanting to collaborate with other bloggers!

    1. That would be so much fun! I am sure we can come up with something to work on together. :)

  3. Haha I have way too many books on my kindle! Great idea!

  4. That e-book reading challenge sounds like a great idea!

    Following you on Pinterest now... my favourite hangout!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. An e-reader challenge would be great because, like you, I hoard books on my Kindle. Sounds like a great idea!

  6. I am a Pinterest fail when it comes to the blog:( I just don't have the time to keep up with it. And I think the ebook challenge sounds interesting! I definitely hoard books.

    Thanks for linking up with us!