The Good, The Better and The Lovely

It's no secret that I am not a fan of Winter. I would be happy if we only had 3 seasons a year. If I really had it my way It would be Summer and Fall. My two favorite times of the year. Although one thing that does get me excited about winter is all the hot tea I consume and all the hearty meals I am making. The things I can live without is my flyaway hairs on my head, dry skin, and products that make the dry skin worse.

Influenster must of been eavesdropping on my thoughts because when I received my Frosty VoxBox it was packed with things to ease the cold punch of winter. You may remember seeing these items on my VoxBox unboxing video. Today I want to talk about all of the products and give them my ratings!

Ecotools Sleek + Shine Finish Brush: This excited me because I really needed a new brush. Mine was a few years old (Oh my god the horror!) and was really starting to fall apart. The bristles on the Ecotool's brush are super soft and non-damaging. I can brush my hair and not have a ton of breakage and it looks nice and shiny when I'm done.  Score: A+

Fruit Vines: These babies were so good they didn't make it past the first day! I am a big vines fan to begin with and having them in bite size pieces is really dangerous. That bag didn't have a chance with me! If you are a fan of the vines you will be a fan of these. Same product, smaller size. Score: A

Rimmel London Just Let It Go: I am not sure how I feel about the name of this because honestly Frozen is EVERYWHERE these days and I am kind of tired of it. #sorrynotsorry. As for the product itself it is pretty great. It is gentle on my skin. It takes off the makeup, especially the dark eye liner.. Speaking of eye liner:

Rimmell London Scandal Eyes Kohl Kajal in Black: I really liked the consistency of this eyeliner. It went on smooth and seemed to hold up all day (and night, racoon eyes ya'll?). But I am also very fond of black eyeliners so it's hard for me to find one I don't like. The combined score for both of these is a B+ (Only because the remover was called "Let It Go..")

 NYC Great Lash in Sugar Plum: This is a really pretty color for winter. It's not to dark or to pink, which is what I tend to get when receiving these samples. I am not a big lip stick person, so I have only worn this one, and I think it was just like all the others I have worn. It didn't last long on me and it caked up in the corners of my lips. To bad because I really loved the color. Score: C

No7 Protect and Perfect Serum: From the sample I received it is really hard to tell if this really works or not. The serum was easily applied and didn't irritate my face. I liked how it felt on my skin once applied. I suppose if I wanted to see if it really worked, I would have to use is consistently to perform a proper review. Score: B

Celestial Candy Cane Lane Green Tea: This stuff is really yummy. I have tried it before this sample so I knew right away I would love it. Also why it isn't pictured. I drank it before I had a chance to take photos! Oops!  This is a very relaxing tea and good before bed. I like to make it and sit with a book. Makes me feel relaxed and content. A must try for any tea fanatic! Score: A+

McCormick Gourmet All Natural Thyme: I love to cook when the cold comes. Nice hearty meals like soups and chilis. Spices are pretty essential to these dishes so getting a new spice to add to my creations make be so happy. I have already incorporated it into a few meals and man is it good. This is a must for any aspiring cook! Score A+

All in all this was a  really great box. I really enjoyed everything that was incorporated into the "Frosty" theme.  Kudos to Influenster for curating a group of great products to make the season feel more festive!

Have you ever received a VoxBox? Did you like it?

P.S. Not sure why I incorporated that "Merry and Bright" bag into every photo. Made it festive I suppose :)

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  1. Okay, something you have to try: turn that mint tea into a latte! It sounds weird but seriously, I mix it with steamed milk and it is SO good. I'm drinking one this afternoon when I'm done with my lunch!

  2. Free samples are nice in theory, but when it comes to something like dry skin, usually the sample size is too small to actually tell. I got a bunch from Paula's Choice and I still don't know if they did anything. :P

    I'm not a big lipstick person either. Too messy! I like tinted lip products, because it's a little bit of color, but won't look terrible if some rubs off and it's not a big deal if it gets on something else. I'm sure there's a secret to wearing lipstick, but I haven't figured it out yet!

    1. I need to find the secret to wearing lipstick too! It NEVER stays on!

  3. What a neat box! My mouth is watering looking at those Fruit Vines!