Shopping for others is my nemesis!

I hate shopping. Yeah I said it. I am a girl, and I hate to shop. This makes shopping for Christmas gifts like a strategic war game that I will never win. I get a few ideas for the couple of people I actually buy for and then talk myself into all the reasons why no one will like them. No, Dad will HATE this Roku for the TV and Mom is going to roll her eyes at that pair of slippers that I thought she'd love.


I hype myself up for a trip to the mall. "It's going to be great! My list has awesome ideas on it and I'm gonna get in and get out with all those fab gifts!" Fast forward an hour later. I am walking around aimlessly through the mall trying to decide if I should go into Best Buy or Target. I window shop and "oooohhh and ahhhh" over some of the items, but still can't bring myself to go in and purchase anything. What's wrong with me?

Maybe it's because I have a problem with parting with my money. I have been training myself over the past 2 years to think before I splurge. There is no need to buy on impulse and I have gotten really good at researching the best prices. I usually find all of the gifts I want to buy on a good deal. Maybe this is why I hate to shop. It reminds me that I need to save and can't go crazy just because it is the holidays.

Maybe it's because I take after my dad. He shops every year on Christmas Eve. I find that procrastinating makes everything more stressful, but hey! I still get the good presents. Right? Nothing more festive then rushing around the mall on Christmas Eve with all the other last minute shoppers. Enough to raise the blood pressure and possibly start on that grey hair.

Maybe it's because I think to much about what everyone is going to buy me. Will Jamie get me a gift card? How much is Rob going to spend? Where is Mom going to shop for me? I need to purchase something as equally cool as they buy me. Oh darn if only I knew what they all bought. It would make this so much easier!

Maybe it's because I dislike the cold. No matter how bundled up I get, I still feel like I could freeze when I step foot outdoors. Snow is pretty but it deters me from wanting to go out and shop for people. Ice makes driving a load of fun. Can't I live in Florida? My gift shopping mood may change.

Maybe because I insist on making all of my Christmas Cards. I can't give a gift without a card! Oh look there is only 2 weeks til Christmas and I STILL haven't come up with a theme for this years card. Maybe I can buy some instead. No NO, I will make them. I always make them. Maybe if I make no cards, I won't have to buy gifts. NO that makes you a bad person. Okay I will get out my paper and glitter.

So there you have it. Christmas shopping is my nemesis. I always come through in the end but man do I make it hard on myself. How about you? Do you have any issues with shopping? What plans do you set up to get it done?



  1. I love to shop as a general rule, but I totally get what you mean about shopping for others, it IS stressful! I'm the same as you, always afraid that they won't like it or get much use out of it, or it won't fit, etc. Plus like you we are trying to watch the spending and it is SO hard this time of year! As far as the cold and ice, FL is a great alternative as long as you don't mind a balmy 72 degrees on Christmas Eve! (Yes, it is actually that warm here today!) Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm glad to see I am not the only one! But 72 degrees does sound amazing for Christmas Eve. Although today and tomorrow here it will be in the 50s so I kind of got my wish. Merry Christmas to you as well! Thank you so much for all of you cheerful comments!