It's my birthday!

It's finally here! My birthday! (Or New Years Eve if you celebrate that...) A couple of posts ago I told you all about the top 10 reasons having a December birthday sucks, so today I want to move on to something I have adopted to make my birthday more fun. A bucket list. I made the decision a few years ago to try and visit some of the top places to celebrate ringing in the new year. Even more fun is I am celebrating today in one of these cities listed. Can you guess which one? It was a birthday gift to me from my other half and I am going to keep it a secret a little longer. (Hint: Follow me on Instagram to see some clues of where I am!)

/*/ New York City- Checked off in 2006 into 2007!

/*/ Disney World - Made it here for Christmas in 2008 but never New Years!

/*/ Vegas! - Made it here for the summer of 2005 but never New Years!

/*/ New Orleans

/*/ Nashville

/*/ London

/*/ Australia

/*/ Singapore

So I still have quite a bucket lists of places to get, but no matter what it is, my birthday is always anything but ordinary! I always celebrate with friends and in style :)

Happy New Years everyone! I hope it is a good one! Stay safe and have fun! See you in 2015!!

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