Meet Rocky

While I was home over the weekend it made me realize how much I missed my cat Rocky. He was with me for a little while when he was a kitten, but I had developed an allergy to the kitten dander and had to give him up. My parents took him in with open arms and have cared for him over the last year and a half.
Baby Rocky

Since he has been living with them he has formed a special bond with my dad and another one of the cats in the house. He is happy there. As much as I would love to take him back now that he is grown up, I don't wan to dislocate him from all that he knows.

So for now he will stay with my parents and I will visit him when I am home. He still loves me just as much and that makes me happy. So without further adieu here are some cute little facts about my little man Rocky.
Adult Rocky. Always getting in to trouble with his bud Chip!

Name: Rocky
Nicknames: Rock, Rockstar, Rock-a-doodle, Rockers
Age: 2
Breed: Black and White Mut lol
Eye Color: Green
Sex: Male

  • He has acquired a paranoia while outdoors and will not stay out if the front door to the house gets closed
  • He likes to sleep and hide underneath blankets. He will cry if he can't get under one.
  • He has acute asthma and often wheezes when its to warm outside.
  • He is OBSESSED with little foil balls. He will ran around with them in his mouth for hours.
  • He is sort of like a vegetarian when it comes to people food. He only likes things like carrots, lettuce and noodles. No meats for him.
  • He has a high jump. He will do all sorts of acrobatics when playing and often jumps straight up in the air. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little profile on my favorite kitty. He is one of the loves of my lives and I am happy I got to introduce him to you all!

Do you all have a special pet in your life? How do they make you feel special?

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