Pack like a champ

"I've got my ticket for the long way 'round
Two bottle whiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company
Oh, I'm leaving tomorrow. What do you say?"

Okay I do have my tickets, but I think bringing whiskey would be frowned upon and I already have some sweet company. Oh, and yeah, I am leaving tomorrow. Where you ask? Why I'm glad you asked! I have been keeping a secret from the world, and I am so excited to finally tell you! I am boarding a plane and heading down to the deep south to visit my best friend from kindergarten! We attended school together in the *gasp* 80's and reunited for a few days in the late 90's and its now been about 18 years since we have last seen each other. Thankfully the internet and social media reunited us again a few years ago and now I am finally getting to meet up with her and meet her family!

I now have an opportunity to show off my awesome travel tips. You see the first time I stepped onto an airplane by myself as an adult (I was 21) it just happened to be when all of those fun rules went into effect. You know the ones about liquids and little baggies and all that jazz? I have traveled a lot since then and have picked up some tips to get you in and out quickly. The tips I am sharing today will help you save money and time when traveling.

  • Checking bags aren't cheap these days kids, so if you can cram all your stuff into a carry on you will be golden. You are allowed one carry on (Up to 45 in/115 cm (14 x 9 x 22 in or 36 x 23 x 56 cm) and one personal item such as a purse or laptop bag. Ladies you can pack a lot in there if you follow the tips below. 
This is the largest you can go with a carry on. I fit it all in for my 4 day trip!

  • Get familiar with where you are going and what you are planning to do. I always start checking the weather 3 days before traveling to pack the appropriate items. This will keep your clothing options limited and won't cram up your bag with unnecessary items.
  • Pack clothes that can be mixed and matched. This will allow you to make multiple outfits so you can save room in your luggage. This will save you lots of space in that carry on for souvenirs and other random things you may pick up.
  • Make sure you have all of your liquids in the notorious plastic baggy so you're ready. This gets you through security so much faster if you are prepared.
Worse picture ever.. but it is my baggy. I crammed everything into that baby!

  • Leave anything at home that you are unsure of. If you are nervous about something or really unsure, either look it up or just leave it at home. It will save you the frustration later.
  • Wear shoes that can easily be slipped off. You will be required to take them off. They don't care if you are wearing boots that are laced up to your knees. They must come off. 
  • Dress comfortable. This is not a fashion show ladies and gents. You will be shuffled from place to place and then forced to sit next so someone for the duration of your trip. Even if you are in first class, it is still close quarters and being uncomfortable is never fun.
Okay, now that we are packed like a champ, avoided frustrations in security, and saved lots of money on luggage fees, we can enjoy our trip! I am off on my adventure! See you all back here on Wednesday!

In the mean time I have some awesome guest bloggers coming your way Monday and Tuesday. On Monday you can expect some fitness humor from Christine over at The So-Called Homemaker and Tuesday, Stephanie from The Life of a Mother and Teacher will be talking about why she blogs.
I hope you enjoy what they have in store for you!

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Xo Trish
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