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Someone's celebrating a birthday..

Today is a very special day! My baby kitty Grace turns 1! I am so happy to have her in my life and even more excited to know her birth date so I can celebrate it. It has been 6 wonderful months, so today I thought it would be fun to post some things about her. Celebrate her!

All About Grace:

Nicknames: Gracie, Gracelina, Grayson

Favorite toys: Bird and Squirrel (her stuffed friends) and her yoga mat! Yes she has a yoga mat and she might be getting a new one for her birthday.. (Yep I'm a crazy cat lady)

Personality: Playful, yet bossy. She loves to play, snuggle, and be silly, but once she's had enough she will give you that warning swat. 

When Grace isn't sleeping she is either meowing at every reflection on the walls or literally bouncing off the walls chasing them.

Over the past week, Grace has taken a like to new foods. She must inspect everything we have. She must feel herself getting older, so trying all the foods is on her bucket list. She has always been a picky eater and would only eat her kibble and some forms of chicken. Now she wants all the ice cream!

Grace really loves her new brother Rick. She has accepted him into our family and can be found wrestling with him or snuggling up with him at night. Two peas in a pod.

Grace loves her humans. She enjoys laying in between R and I, making sure she is touching both of us. Melts my heart every time. She loves her individual attention.

Grace has brought so much love into our home. She is the sweetest little soul. I can't imagine my life without her.

Happy Birthday my little Grace!

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Cat updates

It's Friday and I thought it would be fun to update you guys on Rick and Grace. They have both been bugging me for their interviews and thoughts they'd like put into this post. Silly kitties.

I've been meaning to do this update on the 2 munchkins for awhile now. The last I spoke of them Grace was still making the transition to not being the only cat anymore and Rick was finally fighting back when she harassed him.

The good news is that these two have become good buddies. They spend their mornings and evenings chasing eachother through the house. They have both claimed favorite sleeping spaces for the day and surprisingly they weren't the same spot.

Grace is 10 months old.  Rick is 13 months old. They grow so fast!

Grace has become the influencer (she must take after me) as Rick is more laid back and only seems to get in trouble when caught with one of Grace's bad habits.

Grace being a car model

Grace enjoys spending her days meowing at all of the lights that glare on the walls, curling up in her yoga mat (yes she has her own!) and rearranging the litter box sand every chance she gets. She can be stand offish at times and is known to nip at you when she's done being shown attention.

Rick on Grace's yoga mat

Rick is pretty laid back. He enjoys turning just about anything into a toy. They get bonus points if he can carry them in his mouth. Some favorites include balled up paper, toilet paper rolls, and Lego people. He loves being around people and snuggling. You will often find him curled up on a box or chasing around a toy.

I love these 2 munchkins to death and are so glad to have them in my life. They make everyday an adventure. Thank you for taking the time to stop and read up on my babies.

They thank you too. Happy Friday!

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I fell in love..

Did you ever have such a strong connection to something, you knew you had to have it? No matter what you did you couldn't get that thing off your mind? That's how I felt last week at work.

Back in November I started a new job at my local SPCA. I am surrounded by cute and cuddly kitties and dogs all day, every day. When I took the job I got asked a lot how I was going to manage not adopting every animal that came through the door. That was a simple response; "I can't have pets at my apartment so there's no issue there." Or so I thought.

On January 8th this really cute kitten came in. She was a stray and pretty malnourished. She was pretty tiny for her estimated age and she was really really shy. I walked past her cage that day and fell in love instantly. She hadn't been named yet and was being taken out of her cage for an exam and some vaccinations. I went into the next room and could hear her little screams as she got poked and prodded. My heart ached.

I walked past her cage everyday as she went through the process of getting closer to being on the adoption floor. I stopped and talked to her any chance I got and she slowly came around to feeling at ease with me. She had even gone as far as putting her little paw outside of her cage to bat at me. I was hooked.

On Wednesday of this past week I went to talk to her and she was gone. I went into a slight panic. Where could she of gone? I didn't see her on the floor. Had something went wrong? I got scared and ran to the computer to see where she was. Instant relief. I had forgotten it was Wednesday. She was in surgery for her spay. Whew. I felt better. That also made me worry. She was getting closer to being ready for adoption.

Thursday morning I came into work and there she was. She was on the adoption floor. I nearly cried. I had such a connection to this kitty. I knew I couldn't have her, but I just couldn't accept that. I spoke to R. I was going to ask the apartment complex if they would make an exception. He said it was okay, but not to get my hopes up. I put my kitty on hold so no one else could take her home in the process.

Any interested adopter can place a 48 hour hold on an animal if they have to think about it or get further clearance to get a pet with us. This was a god send for me, but also made me nervous. I could still end up not taking this pretty girl home with me. I heard nothing on Thursday. Nothing at all.

Friday morning came and I knew if I didn't get some kind of response I would have to give her up. Everyone immediately asked if I had heard anything. Nope. I looked at my e-mail at 9am and there it was. A response. My heart started to pound. I got nervous again. Here goes nothing..

Hi Trish,
One cat would be fine..  

That's all I could see. She was mine. I was going to take her home today! Friday my life got a little happier. I brought home a 6 month old buff colored kitten with white patches on her chest and feet. She is very small for her age, but she is doing great. She has fit in perfectly and is already ruling our home. She love both R and I equally and doesn't like to take her eyes off of either of us. She bounces back and forth to both of us

Meet Grace.

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Life is good today. How was your weekend?

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Meet Rocky

While I was home over the weekend it made me realize how much I missed my cat Rocky. He was with me for a little while when he was a kitten, but I had developed an allergy to the kitten dander and had to give him up. My parents took him in with open arms and have cared for him over the last year and a half.
Baby Rocky

Since he has been living with them he has formed a special bond with my dad and another one of the cats in the house. He is happy there. As much as I would love to take him back now that he is grown up, I don't wan to dislocate him from all that he knows.

So for now he will stay with my parents and I will visit him when I am home. He still loves me just as much and that makes me happy. So without further adieu here are some cute little facts about my little man Rocky.
Adult Rocky. Always getting in to trouble with his bud Chip!

Name: Rocky
Nicknames: Rock, Rockstar, Rock-a-doodle, Rockers
Age: 2
Breed: Black and White Mut lol
Eye Color: Green
Sex: Male

  • He has acquired a paranoia while outdoors and will not stay out if the front door to the house gets closed
  • He likes to sleep and hide underneath blankets. He will cry if he can't get under one.
  • He has acute asthma and often wheezes when its to warm outside.
  • He is OBSESSED with little foil balls. He will ran around with them in his mouth for hours.
  • He is sort of like a vegetarian when it comes to people food. He only likes things like carrots, lettuce and noodles. No meats for him.
  • He has a high jump. He will do all sorts of acrobatics when playing and often jumps straight up in the air. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little profile on my favorite kitty. He is one of the loves of my lives and I am happy I got to introduce him to you all!

Do you all have a special pet in your life? How do they make you feel special?

Reminder: Looking for guest bloggers for Monday through Wednesday next week. Please email me if interested.

Xo Trish
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