The Ultimate Humiliation

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are standing at the cashier ready to pay for your lunch, or your groceries, or some kind of merchandise and that dreadful moment happens? Your card is DECLINED. I was out to lunch yesterday with a coworker and that dreadful moment happened to me. I was horrified. I consider this one of the top humiliating moments one can encounter. (Side note: I hear humiliation gets worse with children. Oh the horror!)

Let me backtrack to what brought on such a horrifying moment. I had this brilliant idea last week to schedule all of my bill payments for the month online. I wanted to act like the responsible adult I am and get everything paid on time. Now this would of been perfectly fine, had I not scheduled ALL of the payments to be taken out on the same day during one pay period.This lead to me overdrawing my account.

Now if I were independently rich, made an awesome salary, or sold drugs for a living, this wouldn't be a problem. However I was not lucky enough to have fallen into a large sum of money, my job does not pay awesome, and I highly discourage doing or selling drugs. I came to the hard reality that if I want to try to get ahead I need to be smart about it. I need to make sure things are scheduled evenly throughout the month to make sure such a thing does not occur again.

I learned a hard, valuable lesson by attempting to be a responsible adult. On a positive note, all of my bills are paid for the month. The bad part is I will have to restrain myself from making any unnecessary purchases until I get my next paycheck.

Have any of you ever had this happen? What do you find to be on the top of your humiliation list?  Leave me your answers in the comments!


On a happier more fun note, I have almost completed my first book in my very first book challenge, which you can check out here. I am still looking for some suggestions for some of the books in a few of the catergories. I am also planning to do an update on this weekly, giving some reviews on the books I am reading. Does this interest all of you? Let me know down below!

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    I'm a poor graduate student living paycheck to paycheck. Like I have 5 bucks in my account now (luckily I get paid tomorrow). I'm trying to get better at spending. Wish me luck!

    UGh, I feel ya girl!

  2. My card was denied last week. On a two dollar purchase. AT MY OWN JOB! But I had money on it. A couple hundred dollars. I called the bank (well, not really a BANK, but like the thing it's run through) and it turned out ALL of the cards were down for some reason. Great. I felt better, but still felt like a loser because my card was denied in front of one of my cashiers. Embarrassing, even if it turned out not to be my fault!

    1. Thats horrible! I hate when that happens and it's not even your fault!