My trip to the deep south! -Picture heavy!

Happy Monday everyone! If you're anything like me today, you are enjoying a day off to remember all of the men and women who have fought to keep this country free. I hope you all take a moment to put down that beer and hotdog and thank a service man for all that they do! Because it is a lax kind of day I chose today to show you all some of my vacation photos. So without further adieu: My vacation to the deep south!

Travel Time!

Getting up early always seems to be the way when flying. We were up at about 4:30am so we could make a 6:40 flight. We made it in time with an hour to spare due to my trusty travel tips (Which you can find here). Once into the terminal we got notice that the plane was delayed due to a crew illness. The plane was there waiting for us yet we couldn't get on. It was about a 4.5 hour delay before we were finally able to board and get in the air. We ended up missing our connection flight and spent a few hours in Detroit waiting for our second flight. While in Detroit these pictures were taken:

We had some lunch which off course included a beer and saw a Sanrio Surprise. I haven't seen one of these stores in ages! I loved Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio as a kid! It was very cool to see. After the 3 hour layover we were on our way again into the air. So pretty. Calm and blue skies ahead.
It was so beautiful to see the clouds and the sky from above. I am always sitting by the wing when I fly though. Not sure why! We landed later than anticipated due to the delays throughout the day so Saturday pretty much passed as a travel day and once into the hotel we crashed early for the night.

Sunday was the day I had been waiting for. I was going to finally meet up with a friend who I met first in South Carolina when I was in Kindergarten! We were both military "brats" as they so called it back then. Moving all about every few years. It was such a surprise when her and her family showed up on our door step in Texas the summer of 1996. We were both going to be in 8th grade the following school year. It was amazing to see her, but since then we haven't crossed paths again. Social media has played a big part in bringing us back in contact. We had an opportunity to get together and I made my trip to the deep south at last to see her and meet her family.
 It was so much fun to get to see her! I loved every minute of it. The rest of the trip was lots of catching up, food, and beer of course. I will leave the rest of this post with those photos as they are pretty self explainatory!

I had a wonderful trip and definitely needed this coffee mug my friend made me the next day. Speaking was optional due to being so tired! I hope you all enjoyed my pictures. I am sorry there weren't more! Have a great memorial day!

Xo Trish
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