Love My Toothbrush!

As some of you know (Okay maybe none of you know) I just got over strep throat. (Life edit: I am battling round 2 of strep throat now! Arg!) I haven't had strep throat since I was like 12. Let me tell you, having it at 31 is a bitch! It came after having an endoscopy which already had my throat feeling a little uneasy, so full on strep was pretty awful. Anyways enough whining about that. My doctor strongly recommended I throw away my toothbrush after 2 days of being on the medication in order to not re-infect myself. Got it Doc.. Don't want that EVER again! (To late! I somehow managed to re-infect myself!)

I had been meaning to throw away the one I was using, mostly because it was not a good fit for me. If you read my blog before (You can read about it here) you would know I was using the Colgate Optic White toothbrush and it was rather large and really irritating to my gums. I was contacted by Colgate to talk more about my experience and we came to conclusion it was just not the toothbrush for me. They were kind enough to send me a coupon to get a new toothbrush to try. I chose the Colgate Slimsoft.

Look at those lovely bristles!

Let me tell you, this baby is like a dream come true to my gums. Every time I brush with it I feel like the bristles are giving each tooth a nice warm hug. It's such a nice feeling. The bristles are 17x slimmer than normal and really get in between the teeth nicely. They are so soft and gentle to my gums. I am trading my old toothbrush in for this baby full time. Mr. Optic White is taking a permanent vacation.

I am super happy with this toothbrush and will be repurchasing it when this one is ready to go (Well this will happen sooner than I had hoped! Stupid Strep!). I had such a fantastic experience with Colgate and their excellent customer service. I highly recommend letting companies know about products that do not meet your expectations or cause you some form of mishap. Most of the time these incidents can be resolved and the company gains valuable information about their products and usually gains a loyal customer if the interaction goes well.

So what do you think? Could you fall in love with your toothbrush? Which one do you use? Why do you like it? 

Xo Trish
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  1. I've never paid a whole lot of attention to what sort of toothbrushes I've bought. Usually it's "Hey... what's the cheapest...? Hmm, this one!" Which results in me buying a four-pack of some cheap off-brand brushes. Which are fine, I guess, but nothing special, and so I have no idea what kind I like or don't like. It's all the same, right?

    I may try this one though. Looks good!