The September That Never Ends

Tuesday sounds like a good time to talk about life updates right?

I had every intention of setting goals for September. I figured things would slow down as Summer was winding down. Man was I wrong.

Labor Day weekend turned into a very busy couple of days that wasn't planned for. I agreed last minute to house/dog sit.. so Friday and Saturday I made myself available for the dogs. We also had a birthday party on Saturday that we juggled in.

I had intended to relax those days as Sunday was my big drive down towards North Carolina for my girls vacation. I left my house at 730 am, picked up my friend at 930 am and we drove and drove. It was just after 8pm when we got to our hotel for the night. Long day.

We drove a few more hours Monday making a few stops along the way before arriving at our destination at 2pm.

We had a full day of relaxation on Tuesday but decided to start our drive home early. We drove 4 hours Tuesday night to get a head start.

Wednesday we drove the rest of the way home. I got home at about 8pm. Another long day.

I went back to work Thursday and Friday. Had to make another longer drive Saturday to attend a funeral. Again we left the house at 830 am and didn't get home until 1030pm.

I can't even remember what Sunday looked like at this point.

Another full week of work that seemed stressful and I didn't feel good. My body was tired and run down. Saturday was busy again. Teaching, apple picking, and celebrating a friends birthday. I was in bed by 1030pm exhausted.

So here we are at Tuesday, September 19th and I am kind of starting to slow down. Maybe just a bit. I don't see anything on my calendar for this weekend and I'm crossing my fingers that I didn't miss something.

Also, maybe I'll get a chance to write up a few posts that I have planned out. Trip details and my 5/5 Stitch Fix review.

How's your September going?

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School's in session

I have been seeing "first day of school" photos in my social media feeds for weeks, but today is the day when the kids go back to school in my city.

Last night I returned from a girls weekend in the mountains to an anxious almost 7th grader. He was packing his book bag, picking out his perfect "first day" outfit, and worrying all the same.

It took me back to my first days of school. I was a military kid so sometimes my first days were normal jitters and other times it was pure fear. I would sometimes start school with friends and sometimes I'd be the new student again.

I always loved the first day none the less. I'd get to wear my new "school" clothes and get to use my new supplies. I'm still a sucker for new office supplies.

It never failed the the first day of school would always feel just a little cooler outside. Almost like mother nature knew Fall was here and worked her magic to out a little chill in the air.

I'm sitting here typing this wrapped in a big wool knee length sweater feeling warm and nostalgic.

I'm wishing today was my first day back to school. Funny how that works when you're an adult. We miss the routine and innocence of being a child.

Instead I'm going to drink myself a cup of hot coffee, sit out on my deck, and count down the minutes until I have to go log into work.

Does the beginning of the new school year bring back memories for you?

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Transition to Fall with Stitch Fix

Welp, it's happening guys. Summer will soon come to an end and Fall will be here. Not that Central NY got the memo. It's been pretty Fall-like here all week.

I was initially going to do a 6 month follow up for Stitch Fix to show you all of the items I've kept since starting with them back in February, but then had more fun turning all of the Spring/Summer items I got into Fall transition pieces.

I figured that would be a much better post. Don't you agree?  So here we go.. Fall transition style with all of my Stitch Fix keepers.

For those of you unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, it is a monthly clothing subscription where you get a personal stylist to send you 5 pieces according to your profile. You have the opportunity to write your stylist a note each month further customizing your fix. You pay a $20 styling fee each month to receive the fix, which is then deducted from the cost of anything you keep from your fix. If you keep all 5 items you also receive a 25% discount. Pretty great right? If you have interest in trying out the fix, I would appreciate it greatly if you used my affiliate link.

Fix 1: February 2017

My first fix was pretty great. I did not keep everything, but I did do a full review on my first fix. Make sure to check it out to see how I styled everything then in the winter verses my keeps for Fall transition.

I paired the Gilli Hilda printed aline skirt with my hubby's purple polo top and a pair of purple converse sneakers to bring together this back to school outfit.

Also from this fix I kept the 41Hawthorn Aiton grommet detail blouse. I paired it with a pair of bootcut jeans and boots. Perfect for those mild days that turn into chilly nights!

Fix 2 - March 2017
Fix two came at the best and worst time. I did not write a post on this one as I was dealing with Cal. If you don't remember Cal, that was the kidney stone I was passing. Lovely right? Anywho...
I kept two pieces from that fix. The two have become one of my favorite outfits. This beautiful Pixley blouse with elephants and a pair of Just Black skinny jeans in this beautiful turquoise color. This outfit just works for all seasons in my opinion. The rich color of the jeans takes this into Fall. You can add a pair of riding boots and a scarf to really get that Fall feeling!
Fix 3: April
For my April fix I specifically asked for pieces as I was going to a wedding in May and needed some options. It was a casual wedding in the PA mountains. In May you can either get 100 degrees or 50 degrees depending on the day. I asked for Maxi dresses, a cardigan, and a spring jacket. This is the fix where I was so impressed with my stylist that I requested to keep her moving forward.
Here is what I kept:
This Wisp Pamala maxi dress was gorgeous. I ended up wearing this to the wedding as it is a bit dressier, but can also be dressed down. It is the perfect Fall dress, with its bright oranges and navy blues. This dress would be perfect with a denim jacket and a pair of boots.
I also kept this comfy Loveappella Carlita maxi dress and Absolutely Acada hooded cardigan. Together they are taking me into Fall. During the day I can wear it to an outside event and cover up with the cardigan as it gets chilly throughout the evening. 
Fix 4: May 2017
May's box was a miss for me, but I did ask for a romper and this RD Style Bryanna romper showed up. I did not blog about this box as it was underwhelmed and a lot of the pieces did not fit properly.
I paired the romper with a scarlet red cardigan and black wedge booties. Such a cute back to school outfit. I think this is one of my favorite outfits for the Fall!
Fix 5: June 2017
I have to admit, this last outfit isn't as Fall, but it does have some rich oranges and yellows and it does make me think of Fall. I have been rocking this Pixley Palacio scoop neck tank and Kut From The Kloth Roxanne drawstring linen shorts. Just for fun I added some red Keen sandals that have some similar colors in the accents. I can see myself wearing this right into September while the weather figures itself out.
Fix 6 - July 2017
I absolutely loved my July fix. It had so many Fall colors and I was not able to keep everything I wanted. I did however blog about the fix with photos of all the items for your viewing pleasure. I kept the lovely Octavia Brooklyn crossbody bag that easily transition into fall. The beautiful teal color is amazing and screams Fall to me! This bag will sure get a lot of action.
So overall I have had a pretty amazing experience with my first 6 months of Stitch Fix. I have already received my August fix and can't wait to share with you this 5/5 fix! That's right, I'm keeping it all baby! Stay tuned for photos next week!
So what do you think of these Fall transition outfits using my fix keeps? I sure had fun photographing them so I hope you loved them as much I do!
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Why taking some time off the "social media grid" is not selfish

By midmorning on Saturday I had come to conclusion that I needed a vacation from my social media platforms. I was running late to my yoga class that I was teaching and the only option I had to get in touch with my students was via Facebook. I sent them each a message letting them know I was running behind and left it at that.

I arrived at my class exactly 30 minutes late to a room full of no one.

I quickly checked my phone and realized people had only just saw the message and probably came to the class thinking I just didn't show up. I felt crushed. I felt like an irresponsible person.

 I sat in silence for about 10 minutes when the thought came to me. I needed to get my priorities straight and a big part of that was disconnecting from social media and taking more to phone calls and face to face time with people.

I sent message off to my students asking for their phone numbers (the place I teach only asks for email on the registration sheet). In the future I would call everyone to let them know if there was a problem before they made the trip to the class.

Once I had the messages sent, I uninstalled Facebook from my phone. I had previously uninstalled Twitter as my phone was getting full and I don't use Twitter half as much as Facebook.

I made the decision that social media was too distracting and wasn't always reliable. From the moment I removed the app, I began to think about all of the other things I needed to achieve for the day. I did find myself  checking my phone for the first hour, but after that the habit seemed to pass.

I had a massage and then went a bought myself lunch. After buying lunch I went into a few stores. I bought myself a nice plush blanket for the fall and winter months and I headed home. I had the day to myself as R was out of town for the day.

I made myself a hot cup of coffee and downloaded a new book on my Kindle and cuddled up on the couch with my new blanket (yes it was chilly enough at one point to do this!). It was nice knowing I was controlling my own feelings of the world at that moment.

There was no social media to sway my thoughts. I didn't have to scroll across the latest Trump drama or see a friend ranting about something that was probably important for them at the time but would also probably realize later that it was silly to post.

My feelings and thoughts were in the then and now and the only one who could change them at that point was me.

I enjoyed the New York State Fair yesterday without distractions from my phone. I was with my friends and her kids and I had so much fun interacting with all of them then messing with my phone. My husband was impressed that I was able to control not being on my phone all day. I was proud too, but a part of me knew already that it wouldn't be hard.

I continued to live off the "social  media grid" through last night around 7pm. I did sign in to check my Yoga page messages to make sure I didn't have any issues I needed to respond to and I signed back out.

I think I am going to continue to keep myself off of social media, other than to do work stuff. I will post for my blog and keep up with my yoga page, but other than that I am going to focus on other things. I am going to get other things done first.

After 31 hours of being off the grid I realized, I didn't miss much. If someone needed to get in touch with me, they did. When I scrolled through my feed quickly I didn't see anything so important that I felt I missed something. It was pretty magical.

Now to continue this week as this coming weekend I am literally going off the grid to the mountains of North Carolina where they may or may not be any form of cell service.

Bring it on!


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Currently: August 2017

It's been a little heavy around here lately, so I thought since it's the last Friday of August, thus in my mind the last Friday of Summer, I would do a lighter post. I haven't done a "currently" post in a while so what better time then today?

Currently, I am...

Watching: Younger. I have to say, I am obsessed with this show! I watched it the first season but for some reason stopped after that. I just binge watched the whole series up to current, and I love it!

Reading: Ehh. I'm not going to lie, I have 2 book checked out from the library and another 2 I bought on my Kindle that I am at a standstill with. I really wanted to read You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I have it checked out and it is just sitting there. I need to get my butt in motion!

Excited for: I am going away next weekend with my best friend. We are taking a girls weekend in the mountains of North Carolina at a boutique hotel with spa. I am beyond the moon excited because there is scarce cellphone service and no televisions in the rooms. I am so ready to disconnect and just relax, read, and take in nature. Of course the blogger in me will take photos and share later for you all.

Wearing: It has been a little chilly here in central NY the last week. I have enjoyed wearing leggings and comfy hoodies. Fall has been in the air and I couldn't be more excited about that!

Loving: I am really loving my blogging tribe. They are so supportive and even when I'm down they are here giving me virtual hugs and sending all the love. You know who you guys are! Muah!

Eating: So I have been on this Cheerios kick. Like I just can't get enough of them every morning. I don't know what's happening to me. I am reverting back to being a kid.. but when I think about it, I didn't love Cheerios when I was a kid. LOL

Relaxing with: Hot baths full of essential oils. My body has been under some cray cray stress lately and I when I sit in a hot bath with lavender, peppermint, wild orange, and clove, I feel like all my worries, stresses, and aches go away. It is probably the closest thing to heaven you can get on earth!

Putting off: I am not 100% sure why I have been putting this off, but I have all these photos done to write a Transition into Fall post. I was so excited when I took the photos and I even edited them. The post was supposed to go up last week and here we are at Friday and still no motivation. Next week for the win?

Disappointed in: I have been loving my Stitch Fix box each month, so I decided to give Trunk Club (This is my referral code btw) a try, mostly for the fun of trying on more clothes. I worked with my stylist and even approved my trunk, and nothing fit me correctly. I am not saying this was their fault, I think I just overlooked some stuff on my end. I did love a pair of shoes though that I am going to keep and I will give it one more shot.
Looking forward to: My massage tomorrow! I can't wait! I need this kind of relaxation. I am hoping by Monday I am feeling better and am back to myself.
So that's a wrap! I am so glad it is Friday and I thank you all for coming along on this ride with me! Happy weekend friends! See you back here on Monday (hopefully with that Fall Transition post I keep putting off...).

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