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School's in session

I have been seeing "first day of school" photos in my social media feeds for weeks, but today is the day when the kids go back to school in my city.

Last night I returned from a girls weekend in the mountains to an anxious almost 7th grader. He was packing his book bag, picking out his perfect "first day" outfit, and worrying all the same.

It took me back to my first days of school. I was a military kid so sometimes my first days were normal jitters and other times it was pure fear. I would sometimes start school with friends and sometimes I'd be the new student again.

I always loved the first day none the less. I'd get to wear my new "school" clothes and get to use my new supplies. I'm still a sucker for new office supplies.

It never failed the the first day of school would always feel just a little cooler outside. Almost like mother nature knew Fall was here and worked her magic to out a little chill in the air.

I'm sitting here typing this wrapped in a big wool knee length sweater feeling warm and nostalgic.

I'm wishing today was my first day back to school. Funny how that works when you're an adult. We miss the routine and innocence of being a child.

Instead I'm going to drink myself a cup of hot coffee, sit out on my deck, and count down the minutes until I have to go log into work.

Does the beginning of the new school year bring back memories for you?

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