May Goals 2016

Let’s talk about goals. April was dedicated solely to finding balance with this blog and where I wanted to go with it. As I have mentioned already this week, this blog is now 2 years old and I am starting out fresh. 

May’s theme is ‘celebrate’. I want all of my goals to be light and fun. Nothing but laughter and happiness right?

So here’s what I want to accomplish:

  • Make lots of new pretty pictures for my posts (Isn't that photo I used up there by Helene In Between, beautiful?). I haven’t had a good photo shoot in a while. I will be away in Denver for 4 days starting this weekend so I am hoping for lots of photo ops.
  • Write a post every day to have a back log for those days when I forget to write something.It's always good to be prepared right?
  • Continue my yoga practice to keep my body light and happy. My body loves me for this. Now I just need to remind my brain.
  • Show you all what I'm made of and give you the amazing content I have been planning for over a year now. I want to do this and I can do this. May is my time!
  • It came to my attention yesterday that I am super close to hitting 100,000 page views. How awesome would it be if I hit that number this month? I am not setting this as a goal per say.. cause no pressure, but if you all wanted to ya know, help me out with this by sharing my blog and visiting as often as you can, I wouldn't hate it ;)
So what do you guys have on your plates this month? Any amazing goals to shatter? I think I'm gonna knock mine out of the park!

*The Trish List fun fact # 2: This blog started off as a once a week review blog in February 2014. I started blogging about all of the freebies I got int he mail. It then grew to a lifestyle blog by May when I decided I wanted to write about more than just products.

*Keep track of these facts.. there just might be a quiz.. which means.. giveaway in my world :)

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2 Years Old!

It’s been 2 years.. yes as in 731 days (We had a leap year in there) since The Trish List was officially born as a lifestyle blog. This space has been all over the place ever since. I mean who doesn’t like a train wreck? All jokes aside, when I started this blog I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to write. I wanted people to read it. I wanted to be just like everyone else.

This is probably one of my problems. How can I succeed if I am just like the next blog? No one wants to read the same things over and over just on a different page. I have struggled with this for the majority of my time as a blogger. I see people trying things and I think, “oh, I should try that” and fail miserably.

So here I am, 2 years old and ready to start fresh. I think I finally found what works for me and what I can offer my readers. Maybe it’s not exactly what you enjoy reading, but I am okay with that. I know I can’t please everyone, but someone will relate.

I am spending all of May celebrating The Trish List and myself. Without me there would not be a space, and as a blogger I need to remember to celebrate me from time to time. I invite you all to stick with me this month. There will be giveaways, new topics, throw backs, and all kinds of fun things.

I also invite you all to take time out to celebrate yourselves as well. Make yourself a priority and quit making excuses for putting yourself second to everything else in your life.

The first thing I want to do with my fresh start is introduce you to the new focuses you will find me posting about. Let's call them intentions.

  • Self care and happiness 
  • Wellness and healthy living
  • Reviews (going back to my roots!)
  • Everyday life tales
Each of these intentions will have sub- categories. For example under self care and happiness I will be introducing the monthly random acts of kindness giveaway. 

I want to stay within those topics with some life along the way. Things that you will read with life posts will be things like travel and wedding Updates. 

I want to keep this easy for a Monday. Stick with me for some more fun and celebrating all month long!

Make it a great week!

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It's gonna be May..

Happy Sunday and happy May! Whew we made it! I woke up to a very windy, rainy day which I was not thrilled to see, but we are that much closer to summer and that makes me happy.

Today's Sunday Snap is a special one. I have so many great things to talk about. For starters, 2 years ago I transitioned The Trish List over from a once a week review blog to a lifestyle blog. I moved my blog from Weebly to Blogger. I recognize May as my Blogiversary month and today The Trish List is 2!

I am planning to celebrate all month with some fun surprises and new topics. If you have kept up with the blog over the 2 years, first of all bless your heart and secondly you will know this space has changed a lot. You have seen me take time off and times when I was on fire. It's all apart of the gig. Bloggers work their tails off to produce content so you will want to come back to day after day.

For this reason I am also celebrating myself. I need to give myself come credit for coming back week after week to work on making this a better space. May is also Mental Health Awareness month and I am advocating you all take time out of your days as well for self care. Do something for yourself daily to make yourself matter first in your life.

I hope you stick with me this month, as I reminisce my 2 years of blogging and bring some new content. I have been working my tail off for weeks writing and planning to make sure you all get a taste of where The Trish List is headed. This is a great time to re-aquaint yourself with me or get to know me if you are a new reader.

Each week this month I will post some throw backs from the blog. These will include favorite posts and facts about me and the blog. I will throw in some surprises and even some gifts..

Stick with me and I promise you a good time! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Even though it is raining here today, we are expecting my parents and are headed to the wedding venue to wine taste.. I am getting married at a winery in case you didn't know! Make it a good day folks!

The Trish List Fact # 1: Today is my 340th post!

*Keep track of these facts.. there just might be a quiz.. which means.. giveaway in my world :)

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Best Week Ever

You guys.. It has been the BEST WEEK EVER! I feel like I haven’t had a really REALLY good week in a while. So what makes this the best week ever you ask? Let me fill you in..

For starters I may have mentioned on social media that I got a new cat. Rick. He is a 1 year old buff male who only has one eye. He is a very sweet boy, but Grace, my 9 month old female was not having it at first. There was a lot of tension and grumbles, but this week they are FINALLY getting along perfectly. I think that is a miracle because we will have rick 2 weeks on Sunday and they are getting along really well.

Next, I finally made it off the wait list for Sephora’s monthly subscription box Play. This is beyond exciting for me. I have been on the waiting list for what seems like eternity and I was recently thinking about canceling Ipsy to try something new. We shall see how that goes. Maybe even do a Play verses Ipsy smackdown.

Next thing up is I was invited into 2 (yes two!) Influenster Vox Boxes. I have not gotten into a themed box in probably a year and a half. I got into the Bloom box and the P&G box. Can’t wait to receive my goodies. Hopefully a few reviews in the making..  Oh and you should join if you haven't already...

Staying on the same theme, I got into a House Party from I will be hosting a Folgers brunch in May. They will be sending me K-Cups in various flavors. I love hosting parties from them and if you aren’t signed up for this site, you should be! I normally get into about 2-3 parties a year. Although it has been since last August since I got into my last one, but that was more my fault then anything. 

Last, but certainly not least, I can see again! Okay that was a bit dramatic, but the last few months my vision has not been the best, even when wearing my glasses. I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday and I had a HUGE change in my vision. It’s no wonder I was having trouble seeing. I left with 5 new pairs of contacts in my new prescription to help me until I get my new glasses made. It is a miracle guys! I feel like I can see through walls!

So tell me.. how has your week been the best week ever?

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Making Journaling a habit

A few months back I talked about starting to journal and what that meant to me. I have once again fallen off the wagon for this one, but am missing it. I miss writing down thoughts from my day. I miss writing down all of the things I am grateful for. I miss letting the thoughts flow onto the paper without a single hesitation. No one is going to read these thoughts but me.

Why is it something I can’t make into a hobby? I have asked myself this over and over again. I absolutely love journals. They are so pretty and have all kinds of themes. I collect them but I can’t seem to keep up with actually using them. I love to display them so when people are around they ooh and ahh at them. I wish I could tell them they are filled with wonderful stories and thoughts. 

Maybe I need to challenge myself more? Maybe I need to set a real goal and stick with it. I know the thing that bothers me the most is, I bottle up to many emotions and then they let explode when I can no longer hold them all. I need to be writing these down. At one point I planned to keep several journals. One for my thoughts. One for my ideas for stories. One for gratitude. One for gratitude at work. 

This is something I think I am going to build into my life goals. I will start that in May but want to keep it on my radar for the rest of this week so I can get it into action.

Do you keep a journal? How do you manage it?

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