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Making Journaling a habit

A few months back I talked about starting to journal and what that meant to me. I have once again fallen off the wagon for this one, but am missing it. I miss writing down thoughts from my day. I miss writing down all of the things I am grateful for. I miss letting the thoughts flow onto the paper without a single hesitation. No one is going to read these thoughts but me.

Why is it something I can’t make into a hobby? I have asked myself this over and over again. I absolutely love journals. They are so pretty and have all kinds of themes. I collect them but I can’t seem to keep up with actually using them. I love to display them so when people are around they ooh and ahh at them. I wish I could tell them they are filled with wonderful stories and thoughts. 

Maybe I need to challenge myself more? Maybe I need to set a real goal and stick with it. I know the thing that bothers me the most is, I bottle up to many emotions and then they let explode when I can no longer hold them all. I need to be writing these down. At one point I planned to keep several journals. One for my thoughts. One for my ideas for stories. One for gratitude. One for gratitude at work. 

This is something I think I am going to build into my life goals. I will start that in May but want to keep it on my radar for the rest of this week so I can get it into action.

Do you keep a journal? How do you manage it?

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